NCC: All Unused Data Must now be Rolled over to Next Subscription

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Data is life to every mobile phone, but it doesn’t last for some of us who make heavy subscription. 30 days data validity doesn’t actually get to 30 days, some get exhausted before the end of the validity period.

But NCC in its quest to ensure Nigerians get the best out of their data plans has mandated all telecom operators to reinforce data rollovers for unused data regardless of the data plans you subscribe to. Unused data by telecom subscribers must be rolled over in subsequent subscriptions, the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC).

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The statement said the agency reached the conclusion at the regular bi-annual meeting with senior executives of telecommunication companies on complaints management.

The commission and telecom service providers will hold follow-up discussions on the fair usage policy on unlimited data bundles/data rollover.

“The commission hereby wishes to restate that its direction of June 2018 to service providers to commence implementation of data rollover from 26 June 2018, remains in force,” it said.

“In other words, a subscriber’s unused data must be rolled over to his/her subsequent data subscription. Therefore, the commission urges service providers to continue to inform and educate subscribers on the procedures and processes for data rollover,” it added.

For those of you who hardly finish your monthly data plans, then this is good news for you, but to those who subscribe multiple times in a month, then you should look towards going for unlimited data plans.

However, you can still check on how to stop your mobile data from getting exhausted. Let us know how many gigs you’ve used thus far this month.

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