OnDemandKorea App Review : The Best Korea Drama Streaming App?

Sometime back, we talked on a few top sites to stream Korean series online for free. Therein, we made mention of OnDemandKorea. Although the website works just fine, there is also an app.

I found this to be really interested hence, felt the need to review the app.

OnDemandKorea is a service that provides free streaming and perhaps, downloads of Asian series, Korean dramas and the likes. Seeing that it’s got an app, I’ve decided to review the app here.

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OnDemandKorea App Review

In this review, we will be looking extensively at the app, what to expect, and more. More importantly, we’d also be analyzing if this is the best Korea drama streaming app in the market right now.

So, stay tuned.

Available on Both Android and iOS

When it comes to apps, it’s one thing to make a good app, and another to make it available cross platforms.

Currently, we have two major mobile operating systems; Android and iOS.

Usually, apps like this are often only available on Android. And for the most part, it can only be downloaded from external sources and not exactly the Google Play Store.

Interestingly, OnDemandKorea App is available on both Android and iOS. And yes, you can download the app on both the iTunes app store, and the Google Play store. Sweet!

Ondemandkorea app review

Ondemandkorea app review

While I use both Android and iOS, I use the iOS as my daily driver for the most part. In a bid to comprehensively test the app, I will be downloading and reviewing the app on my iPhone.

OnDemandKorea App On iPhone

Visiting the app page on the iTunes app store, OnDemandKorea prides as a fully legal service dedicated to offering the most recent and popular Korean dramas, movies, variety programs, etc to those located in North/South America.

Not only does the service provide the newest Korean shows and movies, OnDemandKorea has a huge catalog of popular content from years past as well.

That’s precisely what the app page has as the description.

Now, let’s look at some of the features the app brings to the table.

OnDemandKorea Features

According to the app page, the app has the following features;

  • Available in both Korean and English. Users can change the language at any time through the settings menu in the app
  • All programs are updated within hours after they air in Korea. With this, you are sure you are getting the latest episodes of your favorite series and dramas. This way, you stay up-to-date with the latest in Korea programming.
  • All contents are free of charge. However, there are premium contents and pay-per-view contents. Guess it’s safe to say it’s not completely free after all.
  • Log in with your ODK account to continue watching videos right where you left off. I’m guessing this works in same format as the continue watching list on Netflix. Of course, being locked into your account is required for this to work.
  • Accessible through a wide variety of devices such as your iPhone, iPad, apple TV, and chromecast. Of course, android isn’t left out.

Having mentioned all these features, let’s go ahead to actually find out what the app brings to the table.

The Actual App Review

As earlier mentioned, I am using the app on my iPhone for this actual review.

Upon launching the app for the first time, the first option you are shown, is language selection. There are 4 language options; English, Korean, Chinese and maybe, Japanese. I’m not sure.

Since I only speak and understand English, I’m choosing English.

Next, you will be shown option to log into your account. You can also choose to log in using your facebook account. This however, you can skip. Since I’m not keen to registering on every service, I’m skipping the login option.

Getting into the actual app, you’d see a random list of contents for you to enjoy. The home menu houses a featured session, drama, variety and a whole lot more.

OnDemandKorea App User Interface

OnDemandKorea App User Interface

In line with the home session, you’d find Pay-Per-View, Drama, Variety, News, Documentary, Food, hot clips, movies, sports, beauty, kids, health, religion, education, web drama and web variety. This is same with what you get when you tap on the menu icon.

Clearly, you can find a search option. This allows you to easily search for your favorite shows and series with ease. With the search option, you can also find other related contents to stream on the OnDemandKorea app.

The option button in the header houses in the log in/sign up option, help & feedback, Terms of use as well as Privacy Policy.


Again, there are loads of videos to watch on the app. These videos are segmented. That way, you can be sure to find movies, dramas and other contents much easily.

However, If using a Nigerian IP or perhaps, if residing in a state outside Korea or America, there is a huge chance you won’t be able to view most of the content. Personally, I kept getting the error of content not available in my country. At this point, switching to a VPN was the idea that came to mind.

I tried all the VPN services I could think of but none worked. Apparently, iOS 12.1 seem to have an issue with using VPN apps when connected to a WiFi network. For this reason, switching to using andriod was the best bet.

OnDemandKorea APK On Android

First thing I noticed was, the app wasn’t available on the app store when I searched even though I was sure it was. Did a quick search and went to the page via a google search. Therein, it was stated that OnDemandKorea wasn’t available in my country.

This was a set back but nothing we couldn’t handle. I had to download the ondemandkorea APK version from an external source and that worked fine. Yet, I still couldn’t stream most shows and dramas on the app due to content not available in my country.

I decided to opt in for a VPN service on android and that did the trick. All I did was select United States as my region using the VPN service and I was able to watch contents on the app seamlessly. I did notice though, that almost every movie on the app was for plus users. Plus users is a premium service on the ondemandkorea service.

OnDemandKorea Casting

Another feature the OnDemandKorea app brings to the table is casting. This allows you watch the korean series, movies and dramas right on your Television instead of the phone. Of course, with this, you do not have to install the app on the TV.

Although I wasn’t able to make this work with my Smart TV, my android TV box supports casting and that works flawlessly. I was able to watch some of the shows on my tv using the cast feature on the ondemandkorea app.


OnDemandKorea App is indeed, an awesome app for Asian/Korean drama lovers and the likes. Streaming is fluid and I find it pretty cool to work with. I find the casting feature more fascinating, to be honest. However, you cannot download episodes of your favorite series for offline viewing on the app.

Asides that, the country restriction is kind of a bummer. This however, can be bypassed using VPN services. There are loads of VPN services you can choose from to bypass this restriction.

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Another problem I seem to have with the OndemandKorea app, is the content. While there are loads of content on the platform to choose from and enjoy, most of them require subscription. Of course, there are still lots of free contents however, the korean drama you crave for, most likely demands a paid account or a registered account at least.

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