Photoshop 2024 new feature experience

In a blink of an eye, more than half of 2020 has passed. This time of the year is when Adobe launches a new version, and this year is no exception. A few days ago, a set of PS 2021 internal test installation packages were circulating on the Internet. Compared with the previous 2020 version, Adobe has done a lot this time and brought a lot of eye-catching works, such as: one-click sky change, smart expression modification, super zoom, black and white AI coloring and so on. So what is the actual effect? Let’s take a look!

PS2021 is here

1. The configuration requirements are high!

With more functions, the configuration will naturally increase. The first is the operating system. PS 2021 requires the computer to be installed with Win10 X64 version, and the version number is higher than 1809 (if you are not sure, you can open the start menu and type “winver” to view). Secondly, the configuration of the computer is at least reasonable. After all, the 2020 version is already very slow, and the requirements for 2021 will be higher.

PS2021 can only be installed on Win10 system, and the version number must be higher than 1809

The installation process is not shown for the time being, let me talk about the new version of the icon first. The 2021 version of the beta icon completely changed the background color of the icon to white, with a new blue font, making the entire icon unique. But maybe it is quite different from the official version, and it still brings me some small troubles in daily use… I often “cannot find” the program.

Comparison of old and new icons (left: 2021 version, right: 2020 version)

The start-up screen has also been adjusted, from the previous quasi-physical style to the cartoon style . Of course, this is just a test version. Whether the official version will be changed is still unknown. After all, the design circle is a big cycle. It won’t be popular this year, and it will definitely be popular again in a few years!

Brand new cartoon splash screen

As for other places, there are no obvious interface improvements. Next, let’s focus on the new features.

Little change in interface

New feature: One key to change the sky

“One key to change the sky” is actually not a new term. We used to do it by hand. It wasn’t until Meitu Xiuxiu introduced it to the mobile terminal and developed a one-key replacement function, which ignited the fire. This time, Adobe directly added it to the PS, which is a relatively grounded change. On the one hand, the operation is easier (either by plug-ins before), and on the other hand, it can provide more adjustment options to improve the effect. This is also the biggest difference from the fool-like tools of Meitu Xiuxiu.

Newly added “Sky Replacement”

The whole function is relatively easy to use, first import a photo (with sky scene), click “Edit→Sky Replace”, and then PS will open a small panel. At the top here are several groups of preset sky, divided into three categories: blue sky, sunset, and state view. If you want to replace a certain group of “sky”, click directly in the preset column. In addition to replacing the sky, the brightness and color temperature of the foreground will also automatically change, making it look more natural.

If you feel that the effect of automatic replacement is not satisfactory, you can also use the lower slider to “fine-tune” the screen. The adjustment range includes brightness, color temperature, size, edges, etc., as well as border smoothness. But in fact, the probability of using these tools is not high, the effect of automatic replacement is already very good, and there is basically no obvious trace of secondary modification!

Automatic sky change effect comparison

If you feel that the built-in “sky” cannot meet your needs, you can also add your own “sky” material . In fact, this is the most powerful part of PS. All operations can be adjusted and all materials can be customized.

New feature: One-click to modify emoticons

“One-click modification of expressions” belongs to a function in the neural network AI filter. After turning on this function, PS will first detect the face in the picture, and then frame it with a frame (supports multiple portraits, each processing can be Choose a specific portrait). At this time, a set of operation panels will pop up on the right side. The function is similar to the “Portrait Beauty” we usually use, and it supports expression modification (happy, surprised, angry), age modification (facial skin, hair volume), light direction and other operations.

Generally speaking, it is very simple to use, just drag it back and forth with the slider. Because it is a cloud function, the processing speed seems a bit slow (basically every adjustment takes ten seconds), but the effect is not bad, but you can still see many flaws when you look closely. Of course, there is no good way to do this at present. I can only hope that the number of users will increase in the future, or the AI ​​engine will be more powerful.

Emoji adjustment effect demo

Facial orientation effect demonstration

New feature: super zoom

Image scaling is used a lot in daily work, and the previous Photoshop has also upgraded its algorithm many times, but the effect is still not ideal. “Super zoom” is also a sub-module in the neural network AI filter, similar to AI smart zooming in websites. The whole use is still rather foolish. After opening the “Neural Network AI Filter”, check the “Super Zoom” to see the operation panel. To zoom in or out, click the corresponding zoom in/out button in the preview window.

The operation is easier, but only the content in the preview window can be zoomed

Judging from the final effect, the magnification is relatively general, and I even feel that it is not as powerful as the built-in algorithm of PS. Especially when compared with professional enlargement websites such as Bigjpg, the gap can be clearly seen. And this feature of PS 2021, there is a big problem, that is, it can only zoom the range in the preview image (similar to the telescope effect), and the surrounding images are automatically cropped. The experience is not very good.

Built-in zoom and super zoom comparison (both zoomed in 2 times)

New feature: Intelligent coloring of black and white photos

Coloring black and white photos is also a hot topic nowadays. We have introduced similar online websites before. In PS 2021, this function is integrated into the neural network AI filter, which can be switched by the side button.

Enter “Smart Coloring of Black and White Images” through here

The coloring process is very simple, in fact, when you enter this page, the coloring operation has been completed. The following group of buttons can be fine-tuned for the best colors, among which the bottom “focus color” and “scene color” are used more. In short, the “focus color” is to make the coloring more focused on the focus of the photo (which easily leads to a color cast in the scene area), while the “scene color” is more conducive to grasping the overall picture (easy to cause a color cast in the focus). Of course, the specific settings need to be analyzed in specific pictures. The following are two test pictures, you can compare them.

Character color contrast

Object color contrast

Write at the end

Other places have not changed much. In fact, there are functions such as “background fogging” (similar to background blur) and makeup migration (transplanting makeup from another photo to this photo) under the filter panel, but overall It feels less practical than the above. In addition, the software also provides a set of feature consultation boards, where users can vote on the features they are interested in, and Adobe will develop new features in a targeted manner based on the voting results.

Photoshop 2021 is no longer compatible with the old version. The operating system is required to be at least Win10 1809. At the same time, it also has higher requirements for CPU, memory, and graphics card. For example, if the graphics card is not compatible with the graphics card driver, it will not run. Throughout the trial process, it was obvious that the new version was more lagging than the old version. And this neural network AI filter must be logged in to an Adobe account (free, just register directly on the official website) to use it. Because it is a cloud function, the response of each function is slow, which affects the experience more. In short, the new version looks pretty fragrant, but whether it is suitable for you, you have to weigh it yourself!

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