PS5 allows you to put an extra SSD: the price won’t be cheap

It is undeniable that players are excited to get their hands on the new Sony PlayStation 5! However, they are also a bit scared of the console’s base storage… After all, despite promising 825GB of space, the ultra-fast SSD that Sony put into its new generation console will only offer 664GB of usable space. (Space really usable after installing the OS and remaining software essential for the console to work)

However, if you happen to be really afraid to always install and delete games, you can take a deep breath, it will be possible to put another SSD inside the console. But here we encounter another problem.

Confirmed! The PS5 even allows you to put an extra SSD! But…

Therefore, it will even be possible to expand Sony’s ultra-fast storage, the problem is that according to Mark Cerny (Chief Architect of the PS5 project), an SSD to pass certification and be accepted by PS5, it must have a reading speed of at least minus 7GB / s. So, you can forget about all low-cost PCIe 3.0 options, here we will have to use a PCIe 4.0 SSD, and it cannot be anyone.

In other words, the only SSD that can be used on the PS5 is the Samsung 980 Pro launched last month! A boy who is in the English Amazon at ~ 220 €, but who in our market should easily reach 300 €. After all, in the biggest national computer stores, a 5Gb / s PCIe 4.0 drive now costs ~ 250 €.

In short, knowing that we can expand the console’s storage is undoubtedly excellent news! However, with 1TB costing between 250 ~ 300 €, the console world is really getting too expensive for more casual users.

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