Review: HyperX Cloud II Pink headphones

In August we already wrote about the announcement of the HyperX Cloud II Pink by Kingston. The Cloud II Pink is a gaming headset entirely designed by Swedish designers. We subject the headset to various tests. How is the sound quality? Does the 7.1 audio work as desired and what about the headphones while gaming?

HyperX Cloud II Pink: box contents and build quality

The HyperX Cloud II Pink comes in a beautiful and sturdy pink box which has a foam inlay on the inside. Inside the box you will find the HyperX Cloud II Pink headphones, the detachable microphone, a spare set of velor ear cushions, USB control module, airplane adapter and a white pouch to store the headphones.

The first impression of the headphones is immediately good. It is sturdy and the materials feel solid and well finished. The ability to remove the microphone is very useful if you are not using communication while playing the games. The place where the microphone is connected can then be neatly closed with a silicone cover. The USB control module also feels solid and pressing the volume buttons for the microphone and sound is smooth.

HyperX Cloud II Pink: sound quality

The quality of the sound is very good. At both high and low volumes, the sound is rich and both high and low tones are reproduced well. While playing first-person shooters, I’ve clearly noticed that using the headphones’ 7.1 audio feature offers an advantage over normal stereo sound. You get a much better understanding of where sounds come from, so that the game not only comes to life, but you can also react faster and more focused on events in the game.As for the sound when listening to music, I can also clearly say that this is of very good quality for headphones specifically aimed at gaming. I do believe that the 7.1 audio function does not work well when listening to music. The sound was a bit shrill, but luckily the 7.1 audio function is easy to turn on and off.

The microphone of the headphones works very well. Being able to adjust the volume gives you the ability to quickly and easily adjust your speech volume for others while you’re gaming. The quality of the microphone is good and transmits your speech clearly and without crackling.

HyperX Cloud II Pink: the comfort

I was able to test the comfort of the HyperX Cloud II Pink during the Reality-LAN in Assen. The headphones fit well and connect well. This effectively dampens ambient noise, so you can enjoy your music, movie or concentrate on your game to the fullest. The ear cushions fell neatly over my ears and if you make sure that the band is not too tight (a matter of setting), you can wear the headphones for quite a long time (more than 5 hours) without it becoming irritating.

HyperX Cloud II Pink: the final conclusion

The HyperX Cloud II Pink are nicely designed headphones with a good build quality and good sound. The 7.1 audio function is personally a bit disappointing when listening to music, but is fine during gaming. The headphones fit well even when you wear them for a longer period of time. Worth 4 stars for me, a fifth star would be achieved if one can ensure that the 7.1 audio function also works well when listening to music.

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