Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Leak and What Need to Know

A Galaxy Note 20 case has leaked, and it has revealed plenty about the incoming new Samsung smartphone


We know the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is coming, but a set of case photos from a known leaker has pulled the curtain back a bit on how the Note 20 could look.


The images are from Ice Universe(thanks, WCCF Tech) a serial leaker who has a solid hit rate with info on the latest and greatest Samsung devices. The entire case seemingly confirms the veracity of an earlier Note 20 leak, also from Ice Universe. It also confirms the rumblings of flat edges rather than the curves seen on many of last year’s flagship devices.

Apple seem to be heading a similar way with their latest model, so it seems to be the way the companies are moving with their devices.

(Image credit: IceUniverse/Weibo)
(Image credit: IceUniverse/Weibo)

The most exciting thing is the camera enclosure. There are three lenses stacked on top of each other, and if we were forced to guess we’d say it was the main camera, and separate lenses for both telephoto and ultra wide-angle lenses. Then there are spaces for both the camera’s flash and one addition sensor, which seems likely to be a time of flight sensor, which helps with better portrait effects.

More from Samsung:

The bottom of the case, with all of the spaces, is actually pretty standard. Firstly, a headphone jack is unlikely: Samsung ditched that port on the Note last year on the Note 10, and they don’t seem to type to retrace his steps. Instead, it’s nearly certainly a holder for the S Pen. Elsewhere, there’s a USB-C charging slot, microphone and speaker. All standard stuff.

We’ll likely find out more at Samsung’s online event, scheduled to be held on August 5, showing off the Galaxy Note 20 and the Plus and Ultra variants. Standard practice would see the phones hit the shelves in Mid-August. We’re expecting the beefy camera set-up to be augmented by a 120Hz screen and 5G connectivity.


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