Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 vs Galaxy Z Fold2: what are the differences?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 vs Galaxy Z Fold2: what are the differences?

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 vs Galaxy Z Fold2: what are the differences?Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 vs Galaxy Z Fold2: what are the differences?


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 vs Galaxy Z Fold2: what are the differences? The new Galaxy Z Fold3 folding smartphone introduces new features: we discover in our video the differences with the Galaxy Z Fold2 predecessor.

Samsung announced the Galaxy Z Fold3 on August 11th along with the Galaxy Z Flip3 , the Galaxy Watch4 smartwatch and the Galaxy Buds2 wireless earbuds . The new folding smartphone has permanently retired the Galaxy Note range which – at least for the moment – will remain with the Galaxy Note 20 family . From the latter it inherits the distinctive trait, the S-Pen, making it the ideal smartphone for productivity.

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Although aesthetically there do not seem to be big differences with its predecessor , the new Galaxy Z Fold3 introduces some innovations and improvements that lead Samsung to become the undisputed queen in the folding smartphone market. In fact, no other brand can boast the same success as the Seoul giant in this sector to date, although other models have been unveiled (some never arrived in Italy) such as Motorola RAZR, Huawei Mate X and Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold.

Let’s find out the differences between Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Fold2.

Folding becomes cheaper

As widely anticipated by rumors, Samsung has lowered the selling price (at launch) of its foldable smartphone. It starts from 1,849 euros for the configuration with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory against the over 2000 euros requested for the previous model (now available at lower figures).

A sign of how folding smartphones are slowly approaching the figures of the “classic” models. Notwithstanding that we are still talking about very high figures, however justified by the technology behind this type of device.

Design and display: the novelties are hidden

The big question about foldable smartphones has always been durability and durability. Samsung is well aware that it has had to face many problems with the first generation, however,  Galaxy Z Fold3  appears to be the most resistant ever. The smartphone enjoys the IPX8 certification against water, the body is made of the most resistant aluminum in the world and is protected by Gorilla Glass Victus.

From this point of view, Galaxy Z Fold3 wins over Galaxy Z Fold2 by offering even more color options: black, gray and green for the first and black and bronze for the second; the dimensions are very similar, but the weight drops by 10 grams.

Let’s get to the real protagonist: the display . The diagonals are the same: 7.6 inches for the internal flexible display and 6.23 inches for the external one, what changes is the refresh rate which – unlike the Galaxy Z Fold2 – is now 120 Hz also on the external one. .

Galaxy Z Fold3 is the first in the range to support the S-Pen

Furthermore, the display of the newcomer is compatible with the S-Pen , which unfortunately does not have a dedicated housing inside the smartphone as was the case on the Galaxy Note. However, it is a great addition that allows you to make better use of the width of the screen. In no case is support for the HDR10 + standard, the quality of the content is of the highest level whatever model you choose.

Under the Galaxy Z Fold3’s 7.6-inch main screen hides a 4 Megapixel front camera that steals the place from the 10 Megapixel one housed in a hole in the previous model’s screen.

Cameras: Samsung doesn’t change

The only difference in the photographic sector concerns the front camera when the smartphone is open, for the rest Samsung has decided not to make changes. On both models, therefore, we find a form comparable to the top of the range:  c i are three cameras, all 12 megapixel including a telephoto lens with a 2X optical zoom and lacks optical image stabilization.

Galaxy Z Fold2 5G

If you want to take selfies or make video calls when the smartphone is closed, you can count on a 10 Megapixel camera.

In short, there are really no differences.

Hardware: the power increases

Like every new generation of smartphones, Galaxy Z Fold3 also updates the hardware sector : the Snapdragon 865 of Galaxy Z Fold2 is replaced by Snapdragon 888, the top-of-the-range processor that is powering most of the premium devices of 2021 (from Mi 11 to OnePlus 9 Pro passing through OPPO Find X3 Pro ).

As it should be, in short, the newcomer can count on a more updated hardware platform, even if Galaxy Z Fold2 still ensures a lot of power.

Finally, the battery has been slightly downsized : 4,400 mAh against the Galaxy Z Fold2’s 4,500 mAh. There is also support for fast charging at 25W, wireless at 11W and reverse at 4.5W.


Galaxy Z Fold2 on the left and Galaxy Z Fold3 on the right

In light of the differences highlighted, it is clear that the best choice would be Galaxy Z Fold3 : it is more durable, has updated hardware, a main display with a higher refresh rate (great for video games) and offers support for the S- Pen, not forgetting that it integrates the new camera technology under the screen.

If you don’t mind the expense, the advice is to buy the latest arrival . If, on the other hand, you want to save a little and still show off a smartphone that does not go unnoticed by surprising friends and relatives, Galaxy Z Fold2 is still a great buy .

Whatever your choice, it is good to keep in mind that you are buying a particular smartphone that requires more attention and that opens the door to different – or alternative – uses compared to that of “traditional” smartphones. In short, you will have a mobile phone in your hands that if necessary and in the blink of an eye turns into a tablet.

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