Prices of Skyworth TV in Nigeria (June, 2024)

skyworth tv prices in nigeria

In Nigeria, I have noticed we tend to get carried away by trends. We follow the most popular brands and only rate the “tested and trusted” manufacturers.  In the gadget world, much focus is placed on the likes of LG, Samsung, Sony and other top level and popular brands. However, there are some gadget brands that are just on a low key and constantly offer quality products to their fans and push amazing products to the market. One of such brands is Skyworth.

There is a possibility you haven’t heard the name of the brand before. Even if you have, there is a likelihood you know relatively little or nothing about them. Fair enough, a lot of Nigerians don’t; except for those that are really into gadgets and appreciate top class products. When we talk about overall functionality and perfect picture quality and sound output, Skyworth televisions make the cut in all areas. This TV brand isn’t just about throwing random products into the market, they are more into meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of their customers.

skyworth tv prices in nigeria

Skyworth TVs are not the most popular TV brands in this part of the world. They may not even be able to compete with the heavyweights in the industry in terms of market size, but they stand up tall in terms of the quality of products they offer. Great products are usually not cheap, so you’d expect Skyworth to be among the expensive TVs around today.

Their TVs are available in various types, sizes and grades. Just like other TV brands, they are come as smart TVs, LEDs, Plasmas and other types of televisions. Skyworth TVs vary in features, picture quality and of course, prices. Some of their available TVs feature USB ports and support connectivity with external devices like PCs while some few others are internet enabled. The TVs also come in different sizes.

With the fluctuating prices of gadgets, it is essential to known how much TVs cost to be safe when you want to buy one. Here, we will take a look at prices of Skyworth TVs in the current market.

Prices of Skyworth TVs in Nigeria

You will have to view your favourite program on a Skyworth TV to appreciate the full value and quality of the TV. The picture quality, ease of use, additional features and overall functionality speak for themselves. Their TVs are not necessarily the most sought after in the market, but remain among the best to ever grace the market.

Skyworth TVs come in various sizes, shapes, picture qualities and designs. It should be noted that the prices of these TVs are strictly dependent on the type of TVs. Curved TVs are generally more expensive than regular TVs of the same inch. For instance, a 55-inch curved TV will be more expensive than a regular 55-inch TV.

Skyworth TVs can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or distributors around the country. They can also be gotten from online stores and contemporary gadget suppliers.

Here, we will take a look at prices of various types and models of Skyworth TVs available today.

  • Skyworth 24 inches LED TV: N48, 000 – N55, 000
  • Skyworth 32 inches LED TV: N55, 000 – N75, 000
  • Skyworth 42 inches LED TV: N130, 000 – N155, 000
  • Skyworth 43 inches LED TV: N135, 000 – N170, 000
  • Skyworth 49 inches full HD TV: N200, 000 – N220, 000
  • Skyworth 55 inches smart LED TV: N240, 000 – N290, 000
  • Skyworth 55 inches Smart Ultra HD 4k TV: N500, 000 – N580, 000
  • Skyworth 58 inches smart LED TV: N250, 000 – N280, 000

Things You Will Like About Skyworth TVs

  • Great Picture Quality: You will be surprised how amazing the picture quality of Skyworth TVs is. The TVs are bright and very colourful. In fact, the TVs are rated among the best when it comes to picture and motion qualities.
  • Lovely Design: If designs are part of the factors you consider when buying a TV, they Skyworth TVs is a nice option for you. It’s sleek design only adds to its amazing additional features.   
  • Power Consumption: Unlike some TVs, Skyworth TVs’ power consumption is relatively low. You can comfortably use the TV even with small generators or low currents. Although it is still advisable to use current regulators like stabilize with the TV, it works perfectly fine without one.

Things You May Not Like About Skyworth TVs

  • Availability: Skyworth TVs are not the most popular TVs around. They are not as readily available as some other popular TV brands.
  • Costly: Skyworth TVs rank among the expensive TVs in the market. The cheapest available is around N50, 000 for 24 inches.  
  • Patchy Sound Quality: The TV’s sound output is one of their downsides. The sound output is quite patch and could have been better. Given the nice picture quality, the sound output is a let-down.

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