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Social Profile View Notification: the software is a Google Chrome widget that shows visits to your Facebook profile, allowing you to manage your account.

The above description only scrapes the surface as per what this extension can do for you. We might even stretch the function of the tool to imply a log that details who visits or views your profile on Facebook.

Several connector software currently undergoes a series of changes, from overhauling general features to adding invaluable extensions. Facebook is not new to these upgrades. At least, there is a recent notification for a new Facebook layout, which only heralds this Facebook Profile Viewer (or Super Viewer).

Our article explains the steps for using the Social Profile View Notification, including takes on privacy practices. You can also get a clip of the users’ reactions to the app on the Chrome Web Store.

Note: the extension already has approximately fifty-thousand (50,000) users and an impressive three out of five stars (at least). Also, the reviews are drawn from six hundred and ninety-eight (698) people, implying fewer chances of deviation from the average rating than a large sample.

See details about this free tool in the following sections.

Social Profile View Notification: What It Does

Here we highlight the prominent features of the Social Profile View Notification for Facebook.

Right off the bat, you can keep a tab on the visits to your Facebook profile, messenger, and photos. Also, the Google Chrome extension attaches a short relationship descriptor to the person(s) visiting your account.

If you have the widget in your Chrome browser, you can see the accounts that frequent your profile on Facebook. It also logs viewers of your photos, videos, posts, all uploads, and messenger.

What does it take to get the extension running nicely on your mobile phone or PC?

You only have to revert to the previous (old) Facebook layout since you cannot access this feature on the new one. Subsequently, Social Profile View Notification is enabled for all your Facebook friends.

Any Limiting Prerequisites?

Of course, there is a must-have for the Super Viewer to work on your mobile phone. You can only enjoy the service completely when the person viewing your profile, pictures, videos, etc. has the same Social Profile View Notification/Super Viewer installed in their Facebook.

However, your Facebook friends do not have to do the same since they are enabled for the Super Viewer by default.


There are a few extras for anyone using the extension. It includes options for viewing the relationship between any pair of Facebook users viewing your profile. It suggests this information (not by rummaging through the privacy of account owners) by tacking hints like past photos, check-ins, tags, likes, shares, etc.

Is a False Viewer Notification Possible?

Yes, the Social Profile View Notification might send you the wrong viewer signals.

But these instances do not imply a malfunction or an oversight from the creators. It means your actions on the widget collude with the metric that triggers the notifications. In this regard, you will have to discontinue any operations that might alter the results you get in your notification. They include frequently doing the following:

  • Like,
  • Comment, and
  • Visit.

To avoid getting the wrong information at the top of your Facebook Profile account, ensure you disable the Facebook Chat in your web browser (especially the primary web browser).

About the Terms of Use

The terms of use or service here are essentially a caveat emptor, detaching the developer(s) from any problems or malfunctions arising from the misuse of the software. But that is not all.

It severs the owners from any hitherto undisclosed glitches while syncing the extension to other software. The providers do not guarantee you can get a hundred percent (100%) success (or any success at all) if you use this extension beyond its functionality sketch.

Also, the terms expressly state that the Social Profile View Notification software is available for demonstrative and educational purposes only. Impliedly, you do not have any vouchers or indemnification rights, or proprietary support.

As per the ads featuring on the tool, Facebook will not be accountable for any legal implications regarding viewers’ age, aversion, or other minority issues. The developers similarly mention the same thing.

Social Profile View Notification: Users’ Reactions

For the most part, a chunk of the reviews is negative on

Several of the reviews are very optimistic about the service, encouraging others to check their settings carefully. Yet, the same complaints persist _ unreliable results.

Currently, many users cannot tell whether the software merely logs the visits randomly or keeps an accurate record of the people frequenting an FB Account. Regardless, the Social Profile View Notification has enough rating (above average) to pass for a sufficiently reliable widget for Facebook users.

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