Solutions;common problems with PlayStation VR

Sony’s VR headset for PS4 is now available in Europe and the United States. Although  PlayStation VR does not entail any difficulty when it comes to installing it and making it work properly, it is true that we can run into a series of problems that get on our nerves.

Here we have put together a list of simple solutions to some of the most common problems.

First of all, whatever the problem, what you always have to do is check all the connections , for example some of the  HDMIs  that go to the PlayStation VR processing unit may not be perfectly connected.


The camera must be correctly positioned. If we have not used it before PlayStation VR remember that it must be about two meters away from us, and that it should not move once we start using it. Both lenses must be clean and unobstructed.


Many titles before starting, check that the lights of PlayStation VR are centered. But they can also be seen if we go to Settings – Devices – Calibrate Lights , where we can check if all the lights are seen correctly.

Also by holding down the PS button on the Move and selecting PlayStation VR – Confirm your position , we can check if the light of the controller remains on the screen with all possible movements of the controller.

By the way, the PS Move controllers may not continue to be paired with our PS4 if we have not used them for a long time, they pair when pressing the PS button while charging them with PS4. If nothing works, you can reset the controls with the hidden button on the back, the one that needs a fine object to press them.


If the movements of the glasses or any of the controls do not move smoothly to the screen, the camera cannot follow their movement well. First of all, check that we are not in Cinematic Mode , the front lights of PlayStation VR will be off, and only the rear lights will be on.

It is also important that we do not leave the PS Camera viewing area , and especially that there are no nearby intense light sources, nor mirrors, although total darkness is not advisable either . In the Settings menu – Devices – PlayStation Camera – Adjust PlayStation Camera you can check all this we say.


There is a very common error with the PlayStation VR image, which is when the screen is off-center. In fact, it appears every time we look “outside”, where the screen itself advises how to fix it: by holding down the options button, this can be done at any time. You can also readjust the image as the first time in the quick menu, in Adjust PlayStation VR – Adjust Position . It is also possible to change the screen size, by holding down the PS button, in Adjust PlayStation VR – Screen Size .

If we have doubts with the wiring, the glasses can be connected directly to the processing unit since the wide cable is only an extension; if that fixes it there is a problem with that cable.

Finally, if we see blurred edges , it is totally normal, being something that they have done to mimic peripheral vision.

Without anything else, we hope that this FAQ for the most common problems of PlayStation VR will help to solve them and enjoy an optimal experience with Sony virtual reality .

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