Spotify’s next battle: Turn 300 million music users into podcast listeners

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According to reports, the Swedish streaming music service provider Spotify wants to occupy the podcast market. This ambition has been evident in a series of high-profile acquisitions and transactions in the past two years, including Ringe, Gimlet, and Joe Rogan. , And the recent Megaphone transaction.

Today, its next goal is to enable more of its 300 million users to start listening to podcasts.

Recently, Lydia Polgreen, content director of Gimlet, a podcast content production company under Spotify, said in an interview: “Our goal is to let people develop the habit of listening to content on Spotify, not just music. .”

Currently, although podcasting is growing strongly, it still accounts for only a small part of the overall listening service market. Polgreen said the latest research by Edison Research shows that podcasts currently account for 6% of US audio consumption, a record high.

To this end, Gimlet is experimenting with “mixed media extensions” for podcasts, such as Vodcast (video podcasts), using Spotify’s powerful predictive algorithm to provide music listeners with short oral content in its recommendation service Daily Drive.

Polgreen said: “Just like Spotify helps people find the best music for them, the new service not only knows what you like, but also predicts what you might like. We are doing a lot of very interesting work trying to solve the problem of voice and audio. this problem.”

In fact, the new service looks a lot like traditional FM radio. Last month, Gimlet launched a morning show “The Get Up”, which combines daily news and conversations with Spotify’s personalized music recommendations.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, when most potential commuters are staying at home, it does not seem like a good time to decide to launch such a radio program for driving time. But Polgreen said that so far, 500,000 people have watched the show. After the initial decline, Gimlet’s audience numbers have returned to their pre-epidemic levels.

Polgreen also said that she has some other ideas about audio content: a short soap opera-style fiction podcast every day and a weekly appointment to listen to a documentary show.

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