Steps to change the router’s IP address

The IP address is one of the parameters that we can change in the router . Sometimes it may be necessary to make this small change in the device to access the configuration. We are going to explain what the difference is with respect to the public IP, how we can find out the default gateway and, finally, what steps we must take to change it in our router.

Differences between public IP and router IP

When we talk about IP address, we must differentiate between public and private . The first is the one assigned to us by the operator. It may be fixed and not changing, but it may also be dynamic and constantly changing. It is basically the address that the websites we visit or the applications we use will receive.

The public IP address is therefore a number assigned to us by Telefónica, Vodafone, Orange or any telephone company that we use. It is like a kind of license plate with which we access the Internet. Without those numbers, without that address, we won’t be able to navigate.

This public IP is usually changed periodically, unless it is fixed. To change it is very simple and we have several options: turn off the router for at least 30 seconds and turn the equipment back on and, also, use a VPN or proxy to navigate with a different IP.

What is the private IP address of the router? The private address is the numbering with which each of the devices connects internally to the access point. For example our computer, mobile, tablet … Each one will have an IP address with which it will connect to the router.

That is what is known as a private IP address. But in the case of the router we are facing the default gateway or main address to be able to enter the configuration. Generally, it is usually, which is what we have to put in the browser to enter the device and change the Wi-Fi password, the name of the network or any configuration we need.

How to know the current private IP of the router

What if we don’t know what the IP of the router is? For the next step that we are going to show, it will be necessary. As we have said, it is normal for it to be, but it could be different. Everything will depend on the router that we are using and if we have changed it or not.

To know the default gateway in Windows we will have to go to the command line. To do this we can go to Start and type Command Prompt or directly the Windows + R key combination and open CMD. Once there, you have to run the ipconfig command .

This command will show us a large amount of information related to the network. Among these data we can see the default gateway of the router, which is the private IP address of the device. It is the one that we are going to change and, for this, we must know which is the current one and be able to access it.

Once we know what the IP is to enter the router, we also need to know the username and password to enter. It is usually of the type admin, admin; admin123, admin123 and the like. It is always advisable to change it, of course. Sometimes even under the device we can see a label with this information.

Steps to change the router’s IP address

With the default gateway we can enter the router and, in this way, change the IP address . Why is it convenient to do this? At the home user level, the normal thing is that we leave it as it comes from the factory. However, sometimes it could be interesting if we are going to connect a second router, servers or simply to avoid possible attacks that try to take advantage of the fact that the IP has not been changed and try to access.

Enter the router

The first step will be to access the router itself . We have to put the default gateway ( or whatever corresponds) in the browser. It will ask us for a username and password. We will have to log in and it will take us to the configuration page.

From here it will depend on the router model we have. The normal thing is that we have to enter Advanced Settings, Advanced Settings or similar. This will allow us to change some more complex options, outside of the main ones, such as changing the Wi-Fi password or the name of the network.

Choose the default gateway

Once we are at this point, we will see the default gateway or IP of the router. In our case, as you can see in the image below, the IP is the typical It is the one that is predetermined in the device.

What we have to do is change it. We can choose another within the enabled range. For example, we can assign the IP address, which is also common, as well as any other that interests us. Always bear in mind that this IP can no longer be used by other connected equipment.

Change access to the router

As soon as we put another IP address we have to click Apply and save changes. We can restart the router so that everything takes effect without problems. From then on, the default gateway will have changed.

Keep in mind that if we want to access the router again we will have to use the new one that we have created. We must not forget it, since we would have problems entering and configuring anything we need.

In case we want to have the IP address of the original router, which would be for example in our case the address, we just have to follow the same steps again and change it. The process is the same.

Therefore, by following these steps that we have explained, we can change the private IP of the router or default gateway. This will allow us to access the device with a different address and thus be able to configure other devices on the network or simply change it to avoid certain security problems. It is a simple and fast process, which we can also reverse at any time if we are interested.

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