Telegram Is Testing new “Spoiler” option In Chats

Telegram Is Testing new “Spoiler” option In Chats

Telegram Is Testing new “Spoiler” option In ChatsTelegram Is Testing new “Spoiler” option In Chats

Telegram keeps introducing new features to its messaging platform which is one of the most secure messaging apps around right now. However, if you are yet to be convinced in making the switch until today, I believe the new feature could be the one to make you move away from WhatsApp. Telegram is testing a unique feature, possibly inspired by Reddit, that lets you hide spoilers.

As spotted by Reddit user u/Tanto_Faz_123 earlier this week, Telegram is testing a feature to hide spoilers. It allows you to hide sensitive text with ease, giving the recipients the choice to reveal or skip the message entirely.

You can see how the spoiler-hiding feature works in the GIF below. While sending a text message, you can long-press and select the text to bring up the formatting pop-up menu. You will find a new “Spoiler” option in this pop-up menu, which upon selection will pixelate the text once you hit the send button on Telegram. Everyone in the chat will now see pixelated text, containing the spoiler, and they can tap on the message to reveal its contents.

Telegram Is Testing new “Spoiler” option In Chats

Now, there are a couple of things still unknown. Will Telegram enable this feature for both individual and group conversations? Also, will you be able to pixelate images and other media files before sharing them? I mean, there are times when you want to share a leaked picture from a movie set or a recent smartphone leak with friends. The specifics are currently unknown. The feature is still in development and we could hear more about it in an upcoming update.

Are you excited to send these mysterious pixelated messages to friends and family to pique their curiosity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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