Tesla pushes 2024.8 software update

Tesla pushes 2024.8 software update

Tesla cars have recently received the latest software update, which includes a new feature called “One-Time Charging Limit” and “Adaptive High Beam” support for certain areas. .

According to report, the software update version is 2024.8, which includes the “one-time charging limit” function and the “adaptive charging function” applicable to the revised Model S, Model X and Model Y and the old Model 3 models in Europe. “High beam” function.

It is reported that the adaptive high beam function is currently only available in Europe, but Tesla is committed to promoting it to more regions as soon as possible.

Tesla pushes 2024.8 software update

The Adaptive High Beam feature automatically adjusts to reduce glare to other drivers and cyclists. By detecting other road users and selectively dimming individual pixels of the headlights, the high beams can stay on longer, allowing for better visibility at night. Car owners can turn this feature on or off through the “Adaptive High Beam” option in the vehicle’s lighting settings menu.

In addition, another useful feature in this update is the “one-time charge limit”. When approaching a long journey, car owners can increase the range by increasing the charging limit. When setting the charging limit higher than the daily recommended value, Tesla will provide the option of “one-time charging limit”. After the trip, the vehicle will automatically return to the daily recommended charging limits.

It is worth mentioning that the adaptive high-beam function has been installed on the upgraded Model 3 released for markets such as China and Europe last year, and the new Model 3 model launched in the North American market in January this year.

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