Tesla suffered a complete network interruption, and some cars have restored connectivity

On September 24, according to foreign media reports, Tesla suffered a complete network interruption on Wednesday, local time , resulting in the interruption of internal systems and connection functions .

According to foreign media reports, the network outage occurred at around 11 am EST on Wednesday. Some Tesla owners said that they cannot connect to their cars through mobile apps.

It is reported that this time Tesla’s network outage seems to be global. Car owners around the world have reported the same problem, but car owners can still use their cars.

Foreign media said that the failure only affected the car owner’s use of mobile phones to control the car lock. During the downtime, car owners with physical keys can still access and drive their cars.

As of 11:35 AM Eastern Time on Wednesday, some Tesla vehicles have begun to restore connections.

In addition, the source said that the network interruption also caused Tesla’s internal system to be paralyzed, and the staff were unable to process deliveries and orders.

Similarly, the failure also affected Tesla’s energy products. The company’s solar and Powerwall users cannot monitor their systems.

The failure is worse news for Tesla because the company failed to launch a newer, cheaper, and longer range battery at the “Battery Day” event, which caused its stock price to fall further. .

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has promised to introduce new technologies to reduce the cost of electric vehicles. But when he failed to deliver on his promise, Tesla’s stock price fell by more than 7% at the opening on Wednesday.

Musk admitted that it will take at least three years to significantly reduce the cost of electric vehicles, which may produce self-driving cars priced at $25,000.

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