The first PC patch 1.02.1 of “Eldon’s Circle” Released

The first PC patch 1.02.1 of "Eldon's Circle" Released

The first PC patch 1.02.1 of

The first PC patch 1.02.1 of

The first PC patch 1.02.1 of “Eldon’s Circle” released: optimization of the anti-cheat system EAC caused problems.

Today February 27th, Miyazaki Hidetaka’s latest masterpiece “Ayrden’s Circle” was officially released on PS5, PS4, Xbox, and Steam the day before yesterday. Although many media have previously given full marks to the work, but Due to some performance problems, the evaluation of the PC player was mixed, and many netizens gave negative comments due to problems such as stuttering, black screen, and dropped frames.

The good news is that FromSoftware today released the first PC patch for its new title, Ayrden’s Circle. According to the patch log, this 1.02.1 patch will attempt to fix some of the issues caused by the anti-cheat system EAC.

The first PC patch 1.02.1 of

The patch log shows that due to the use of the Easy Anti Cheat (EAC) anti-cheat system, there are some problems with the launch of the game in Eldon Circle, which is now optimized. In addition, when entering a new scene in the game, a large number of files will be loaded, which may cause a momentary freeze. This patch optimizes this and reduces the number of files that need to be loaded each time a new scene is loaded . In addition to this, this patch will try to optimize mouse control.

NAIJATECHNEWS learned that the official said that they are still making continuous adjustments to the game based on player feedback, and will release more optimization patches in the future to improve everyone’s game experience.


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