The official version of iOS 14 will be officially pushed this Thursday (17th September))

According to our sure source, broke the news today, the official version of iOS 14 will be officially launched on the 17th (Thursday).

Naijatechnews has learned that the Beta 8 version of iOS 14 is currently available, and the last beta version of iOS 13 before the official version last year was also the Beta 8 version. Therefore, it is not ruled out that iOS 14 will be officially pushed tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

iOS 14 was officially released on June 23 this year, adding a lot of new features, such as “Tap the back to trigger custom functions”, “Optimization of functions such as headphones and camera”, “Widgets”, “Car keys” and “App Clip Program” etc.

Apple will formally hold an autumn conference in the early morning of tomorrow, at which time it is expected to release a new generation of iPad series and Apple Watch series products, and IT House will follow everyone’s attention.

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