There are 92 5G commercial networks in the world and 392 operators have announced investment in 5G

On August 11, according to foreign media reports, the three major telecommunications operators in South Korea launched 5G commercial services for individual consumers in April last year, kicking off the global 5G commercialization.

From April last year to now, 5G commercial use has been more than a year. With the heavy investment of telecom operators, the global 5G commercial network has increased significantly, and more and more countries and regions have joined the ranks of 5G commercial use.

According to information published on the official website of the Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSA), there are currently 92 5G commercial networks in the world, distributed in 38 countries and regions .

Information on the GSA official website also shows that as of the end of July, 392 operators in 126 countries and regions have announced that they have invested in 5G . 115 operators announced that they have deployed 3GPP-compliant technologies in their networks. 92 operators in 38 countries and regions announced that they have launched one or more 5G services that comply with 3GPP standards.

With the increase of operators’ investment in 5G, the number of 5G commercial networks put into operation will increase accordingly, and the scope of 5G commercial use will become larger and larger, and more countries will join the ranks of 5G commercial use.

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