These Are Ways To Optimize Internet Connection For Gaming

You might have the best gaming computer with high-end graphics out there, but if the internet connection is poor, it is going to be an aggravation instead of fun. This hits hard when you are in the middle of an important game level and suddenly the screen freezes. Some gamers would say they have already been there and done it, but for others, this could still be the biggest nightmare of their lives.

Therefore, before you actually witness this nightmare, either get high-speed internet with amazing deals, or work on other ways to optimize your internet connection.

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Too lazy to opt for either of these? Do not worry because we have got you covered. In this blog, we will talk about all the ways, convenient ones, to reduce lag and increase the internet gaming speed.


7 Tips to Reduce Lag for Better Gaming 


  • Check the Internet Speed and Bandwidth

If you are wondering, you might have to go for business-speed internet for maintaining a consistent gaming experience that is not necessary.

So, what speed would just do fine for you? 15-25Mbps. That is not all; you also need to check the bandwidth.

Many people think bandwidth and speed are the same things when in actuality, they are not. It basically is the maximum volume of data and information passed on to a connection in a measured time. Bandwidth is calculated in Mbps (megabits per second) while speed is how fast this information reaches or is downloaded.

If other people at your home are doing, high downloads and streaming, it can strain the bandwidth, which can result in slowing your internet. Ask them to avoid such downloads when you are playing a game and it will make a huge difference for you.

  • Reposition Your Router/Modem

Give a quick glance at your router and see what items or objects are hindering your way. There could be furniture, walls, doors, and other physical objects that could add to the lagging. Of course, you cannot shift and move everything, but you sure can move your system/computer towards the router. Do that right away!

If it does not work, try changing the gaming position. Place your gaming console at a different angle and see if that eases the process. Additionally, wireless speakers, microwaves, and mobile chargers cause signal interference. Keep them distant from the router and computer and your device can receive the wireless signal more directly.

  • Use an Ethernet Cable

Again, if more than two to three people are using the internet in your household, tan Ethernet cable is the safest option to go for because you cannot always ask them to stop using it. No matter how great your connection is, a wired one will still offer lower latency and more consistent speed.

In case you cannot connect with an Ethernet cable because the router is too far, use a powerline adapter. If it still is not working for you, move on to the next trick.

Pro Tip: Make sure to use a shorter cable for your Ethernet.

Why so? Well, there are two main advantages to this.

Firstly, if the cable is longer the connection will automatically be slower. Secondly, the longer the cable, the harder is the maintenance and you do not want extra work. Also, if you think you have a pretty outdated Ethernet cable, go ahead and upgrade it. It matters, too.

For your information, there are seven different types of Ethernet cable and each generation is better than the previous. The fastest Ethernet cable of all time is not necessary for gaming, but if you are using an older model, you will certainly be affected by slow speeds.

In general, Cat 5e or Cat 6 cables are suitable for gaming.

  • Consider QoS (Quality of Service)

Check if your router has a QoS feature. It might have it as most of the routers come with this characteristic. The Quality of Service feature of a router gives you the option of prioritizing different kinds of online traffic.

Simply go to the router settings and select the QoS tab. This will allow you to select all the games that you feel should have priority.

  • Go for Low Latency

Let us first see what network latency actually is. It basically is the distance between a source and a destination in a network. This means it should be as low as possible. If you are playing games with high latency, your character might not move for a few seconds after you tell them to move. That is why lag happens. High-speed internet coupled with low latency is the best combination.

Low ping rates of less than 150 milliseconds are considered good latency. 20ms is considered excellent.

Wondering what exactly causes latency?

Latency depends on more than the broadband connection, just like bandwidth, and is influenced by the remote server’s location, the router, and the network hardware. What happens here is that when packets of data/information travel to the destination from the source, they pass through different points instead of a direct route. As the route is longer and stops are more frequent, the delay is greater. It is also important to consider how far your router is from your computer or console.

  • Shut Down Background Websites and Programs

Ping rate and latency are severely affected by bandwidth-intensive sites like Netflix, YouTube, and downloads. Be sure to close them as they can have a negative impact on your gaming experience.

The number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi can be reduced by reducing the number of devices. Wi-Fi bandwidth usage increases as more devices connect to and use it. Putting your devices in Airplane Mode while your game is one way to save bandwidth.

  • Upgrade the Broadband Package

There certainly are no arguments on how better broadband can result in higher internet speeds and low game lags. You may want to upgrade your broadband package to one that provides better conditions for gaming. If you have patchy Wi-Fi signals in your area, you might want to consider switching broadband providers who offer a better, more reliable connection.


Final Words

Playing multiplayer, online, or competitive games is largely dependent on the Internet. Despite your equipment being efficient, you may encounter lag, high ping, high latency, disconnections, packet loss, etc. that negatively affect your online experience.

Therefore, it is important to assess where improvements are needed to fix the internet gaming speed. Follow the mentioned tips to have a better gaming experience today. You can also add to the list by leaving a comment below. Happy Gaming!

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