Top 5 Apps To Create Your Daily To-Do List For Managing Your Day

8 best to do list apps of 2022 | Zapier8 best to do list apps of 2022 | Zapier

For managing the day, creating a to-do list is very important. A to-do list will give you clarity about what lies ahead and it will make it easier to schedule the day properly. Also, having a to-do list will give you a clear idea of what needs to be done throughout the day. Thankfully, the app stores are flooded with many to-do list apps.

Even though it is a good thing because it presents plenty of choices, it can be considered bad because it can lead to confusion. To clear this confusion of the best to-do list app in the market, we have created a list of 5 apps to create your daily to-do list.

1. Todoist

Todoist is one of the most popular and powerful to-do lists available. The app is available on almost all platforms, which means synching Todoist will never be a problem across the device. Adding tasks on the Todoist app is easy. All the tasks can be first added in the Inbox which can then be pushed to relevant projects. For instance, one can set a due date for different Government Jobs and set them in the project list titled Sarkari Result. Also, one can set due dates for the tasks created. One can create multiple projects on Todoist. The reminder feature comes in handy to remind the users of the tasks that they have scheduled on the app. Furthermore, Todoist can be used for tracking habits and goals. 

2. TickTick 

TickTick is known for its wonderful features and perhaps this is the reason why the popularity of TickTick is increasing with each passing day. The tasks created on this app can be sorted on the basis of high, medium and low priority. TickTick supports multiple calendar views which allow the user to have multiple views and of course, see everything with just a glance. Also, TickTick supports reminders that can be dismissed, marked as completed and further, snoozed. The Eisenhower Matrix of TickTick is helpful to ensure that the user is focussing on the urgent and important tasks at hand. Also, TickTick supports Focus Timer which can be used for more concentration and better efficiency. 

3. actually makes the organization an easy task. The moment feature of the app is extremely helpful in planning the day. offers a quick way to create tasks and events. Just like TickTick, even supports a Focus mode which can be used to avoid distractions while working. The colour tags of can be used to prioritize and further, categorize the tasks created on the app. What makes truly unique is the fact that one can add items on the to-do list of directly through mails. Also, the lists were created on can be shared and the tasks created under a list can be assigned to different users. 

4. Timepage by Moleskine Studio 

Timepage is a very classy to-do list app. Timepage speaks of elegance. Timepage has an uncluttered and sleek design which allows the users to have a look throughout their week with just a glance. A heatmap is created in the app to show the user when they are actually busy and free. What makes Timepage truly revolutionary is that it combines events, maps, weather and contacts in a single app making it extremely easy to plan your day, especially if it involves going outside. 

5. Microsoft To Do 

If you have been a fan of Wunderlist, then Microsoft To-Do is for you. Microsoft To-Do is the perfect daily planner if you are looking forward to a simple planner. The lists and tasks created here can be personalized by the user. The daily planner allows the users to stay focused with My Day which is basically a personalized daily planner. The users can add an extra note to any task which can be used as a reference. The lists created on Microsoft To-Do can be shared with other members. Microsoft To-Do is a great app that creates colour-coded lists. Also, the app can be used for setting the task into one-time or recurring events. Microsoft To-Do app also supports Microsoft 365 integration.  


On the basis of your requirement and your preference, you can choose one of these popular to-do lists. However, for the same, it is recommended that you try all the apps listed here. 



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