Vidma Recorder Pro Mod APK 2.6.5 (No ads)

Vidma Recorder Pro Mod APK 2.6.5 (No ads)

Want to stream your favorite games? Download VIDMA Recorder Pro so you can record your phone’s screen easily! Screen record now with face cam and edit.

 Name Vidma Recorder Pro
 Compatible with Android 4.3+
 Last version 2.6.5
 Size 21.90 Mb
 MOD No ads
 Category Video Players & Editors
 Developer Vidma Video Studio
 Price Free
 Google Play Link
[appbox googleplay]

Smartphones have become so advanced over the past years that we use them now for many things. We can do so with phones such as get GPS, capture photos/videos, play games, research, browse social media platforms, and many more.

But aside from that, a lot of streamers today are using their smartphones for all their needs. So, if you want to capture your phone’s screen, download VIDMA Recorder Pro today!

vidma recorder pro apk update

Vidma Video Studio published this app, and it allows you to record your screen with clear sound recording. Here, you can record your screen for as long as you want, whether you’re streaming games or for tutorials. There’s also a face camera here that can capture your face in real-time while playing games!

This easy-to-use app allows you to easily access tools like a brush tool that allows you to draw on the screen while recording. Most importantly, you can also edit your videos straight from the app!

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Screen Recorder and Video Editor

There seems to be a ton of smartphones available right now that are used by countless people. We rely on smartphones now for many things, whether it’s for taking photos or for gaming. Some are even using it to run their business online or to browse social media posts.

vidma recorder pro mod apk

But no matter what we do, our smartphones can do it all for us, making them the best companions. But if you want to record your screen, you can use VIDMA Recorder Pro!

Whether you’re creating tutorials or streaming, you can easily make videos using this app. The app allows you to record your phone’s screen to select its quality records, such as 1080p and 60fps.

With this, you can record a sharp video, and you can also record the audio simultaneously! There’s also a face camera tool that allows you to record your face while recording the screen, which is perfect for streaming!

vidma recorder pro apk latest version

Lastly, you’ll be able to enjoy the video recorder that allows you to crop, rotate, cut, and edit videos here.

VIDMA Recorder Pro Features

There are many things you can do with VIDMA Recorder Pro! In this section, you’ll learn why it’s superior to its competitors.

Screen Recorder – If you’re using a smartphone today, then you’re one of the billions of people who use them. Nowadays, we do everything on our phones, whether for checking messages, clocking in for work, or playing games.

vidma recorder pro apk

The convenience that the phone brings can’t be questioned, so we use them a lot. So, if you’re looking for the perfect app to use for your streaming needs, download VIDMA Recorder Pro now! This app allows you to record your phone’s screen quickly.

This does because you don’t need to record your phone’s screen using an external camera. Everything you do on the screen will be recorded, which is perfect if you’re streaming or doing videos. You can also screenshot easily and record the phone’s audio or external audio as well.

There are so many various options you can choose from here to make the experience pleasant! Customize your experience now and enjoy a great app.

Record your face and audio – Aside from editing your phone’s screen, VIDMA Recorder Pro can also record your face through the face cam. This tool makes use of your front camera if you have one so you can include it in the recording.

FMWhatsapp APK – Latest version

This is useful for streaming and creating tutorials where you don’t need to use external tools or edit it afterward. Then, you can also record your phone’s audio, whether it’s internal or external.

Various Options – Recording your screen with this app is as convenient as they come. Here, you can also access multiple settings to make your experience even better and more accessible. You can freely change the audio where you can record in the settings.

Then, you can also enable Face cam, change the resolution, quality, FPS, orientation, and many more. You can control how you record in the settings of the app today!

Edit videos inside the app – While there are already many screen recording apps in existence, VIDMA Recorder Pro differs as it offers a video editing tool! Thanks to this, you can easily do all your work on one app to become more convenient.

FMWhatsapp APK – Latest version

Here, you can edit your recorded videos by cropping, rotating, cutting, and more. Then, you can also add texts, stickers, music and adjust the ratio.

High-quality exports – With VIDMA Recorder Pro, you don’t need to worry about the quality of your videos! Once you set it to the highest quality, you can create stunning videos.

Download VIDMA Recorder Pro APK – Latest version

If you want to record your phone’s screen today easily, download VIDMA Recorder Pro now and get all the features.

 Download Vidma Recorder Pro [21.90 Mb]

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