Walkthrough Far Cry 6

A detailed guide to the story and side quests of Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 is a first-person shooter set in an open game world on the islands of the fictional state of Yar. The main character confronts the local tyrant Anton Castillo and his huge army. All tasks in the game are called “operations”. A third of them are story-related, the second third are additional (Yaransk stories), and the rest are related to the capture of checkpoints or military facilities (optional, but they give you resources and an increase in rank). This article covers all the story operations that will allow you to form an alliance with Maximas Matanzas, Legends of the 67th, the Montero family and La Moral.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

La Noche de Muerto

With the help of EMP gadgets, you can easily neutralize security systems and vehicles. Don’t forget to use them.

After the introductory video, select the gender of the protagonist, who in any case is called Dani Rojas. However, the appearance of your character, whom you see during cutscenes and travel through one of the three camps (this happens with a third-person view), his voice and how other people address you, depends on this. Follow the marker down, but do not rush. Let the opponents leave, while you hide behind the sheets of metal. When they go down, make your way past and wait for the stormtrooper standing around the corner to leave. Go to the other side of the street and hide from the tank, which will leave to the left. Run to the hatch and go downstairs. Take the only route through the sewers and get out near the pier. Run to the fishing boat and watch the video.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Lucky you

Insurgents all over Yara are organizing small operations against the FND. Find those who need your help and get valuable resources for a common cause.

Pick up the weapon from the box. Use your phone to see a hint. Follow the blue arrows on different buildings and objects. The path is pretty straightforward. Not far from the beach you will find bunker # 43. There is a note and resources inside it. After reading the note, move on and kill three enemies by stealthily attacking them. This will give you the ammo for the pistol, and in one of the boxes you will find the pants. In general, there are a lot of equipment items in the game, so we will not dwell on them. You will find a cat under the mountain. With its help, you can climb to the top of the cliff. Watch the video. You learn that you are on the island of Santuario, where Clara and six of her fighters went on a sortie. You need to deal with the local plantation and find a way to leave the island to return to the main rebel base. In general, from this point on, the map is available to you.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Juan is so alone

Intrusive helicopters and tanks hate explosive ordnance. Scrap enemy vehicles, rebel.

You will have a talk with Clara, who will issue a new task. Follow the marker to the village of Armonia, follow the river and find a bar by the water. Watch the video. After that you will be attacked by soldiers. Use coverings and shoot back from opponents. There won’t be many enemies, and Juan will help. Once destroyed, follow Juan. Pet the crocodile Guapo. This will be the first amigo you can use in battles. Each amigo has several unique abilities that you can unlock by completing various tasks.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

For example, in the case of Guapo, the main ability available by default is attacking and killing enemies. And here are the other three:

  • Body control. As a perfect cold-blooded creature, Guapo automatically regenerates health during combat. To unlock, you need to have Guapo revive himself 5 times. That is, he received “fatal” wounds, and then after a while he got to his feet.
  • A cornered beast. Guapo is not used to retreating! Therefore, he gains additional damage protection when his health drops below 50%. Guapo must restore 3000 health points in battle.
  • Reptile metabolism. Kill 50 targets with the Guapo. Guapo is the product of millions of years of evolution. Now his ability to come to life on his own also heals 90% of his health when activated.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

That is, the simplest thing is to let the crocodile kill enemies. Go to the nearest camp that Juan will point to. Kill all opponents, collect resources, including gunpowder from a box with brown smoke. Then return to the camp with Juan and listen to him. Interact with the workbench and create the first improvements. For one rifle, you will create bullets that deal increased damage to unprotected targets, and for the other, to armored ones. For the latter, you will also make and install a muffler. The operation will complete.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Die early because of uranium

In restricted areas, you can find boxes with weapons and workbench components. Don’t yawn, search carefully.

Talk to Juan and follow the marker. It is located quite far away, so you can go down the road and take someone’s transport. On the way to the indicated point, you will encounter the first military facility of Castillo. This will be the “checkpoint in Sagrado”. Kill three or four enemies and then shoot the barrel near the billboard to make it explode and destroy the Castillo banner. This will capture the outpost. This checkpoint is now owned by the rebels. You will also receive a key (the same one hangs near the booth in front of the building). There is some useful equipment inside the building. Any captured checkpoint provides access to vehicles and scouts. A scout is a person with a black marker with a white exclamation mark above his head. Talk to him to find out where to find another military facility in Castillo.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

After that, get to the radio tower. There are supplies on the tower itself. Find the character who discovered the resources Castillo needed. Follow the girl to find out about the double agents. The principle of operation of double agents is approximately the same as that of scouts. True, it is important here to approach the agents, hiding the weapon in a holster. You will also have to pay for information in Yaran pesos. And instead of military installations, double agents indicate where to look for FND caches.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Buy information about the stash from the double agent, then go upstairs and use your phone to mark several targets. The main thing for you is to find a local commander. Go down by parachute or rope. Kill all opponents and take the key from the commander. If you do not want to fight, you can find the key inside the fortress, in one of the rooms, lying on the table. There is an electrical panel in the center of the fortress with a flashing green light. I recommend getting to her first, as she is used to call for reinforcements. Otherwise, you can turn off the alarm. Then open the door to the arsenal on the lower level of the fortress and take the uranium that Juan needs. Whether you learned about the cache from the double agent or not, find another door on the first floor. The room has a staircase. Go downstairs and see a cache behind the bars. The door is closed. To the right of the door around the corner, there is a plywood sheet. Break it, get inside and take the unique Autocrat pistol from the cache. Return to Juan when you’re ready. He will give you a new weapon (flamethrower) and Supremo, which allows you to make gadgets. The task will end.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Flame and rage

Do you want Juan to make a Resolver weapon? Bring him depleted uranium. It is kept by anti-aircraft guns.

You will have a talk with Clara, who asks to destroy the camp where prisoners work in the fields of “Viviro”. Follow the marker to meet Julio. Follow him and climb the tower. As usual, use your mobile phone to mark all goals. Then, together with Julio, arrange a pogrom on the plantation. You need to do enough damage. To do this, use a flamethrower to set fire to fields with red plants. There are also small yellow barrels and huge yellow cisterns. You can set them on fire in the same way. In addition to the flamethrower, you can use grenades and Molotov cocktails. Well, don’t forget about common enemies. There are two “black exclamation markers” in this area. One of them points to a flash drive with Hitboy music. There are 15 such flash drives in the game in total. Another marker will point to an FND military facility. All in all, there are many ways to find out about such objects, so don’t bother yourself too much. As soon as you accumulate 100% damage, the task will be updated. Move a safe distance to Julio to talk to him and complete the operation.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Oluva Caves

All of Juan’s supremo can be upgraded on workbenches with supremo glue to kill even more soldiers.

On the way to Julio, you may have met a scout who points to the Oluva cave. However, you can learn about her from other characters as well. One way or another, after entering the cave, move inward (the entrance is at the bottom, so you don’t need to climb the rock) and find a note. She will point to three caches of relics. Once you collect all three relics and bring them to the cave, unlock a new amigo! There are also items of equipment in two boxes.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Fuel for the revolution

Weapons can be upgraded with a workbench. If you have the right components.

The quest will begin after the “Flame and Fury” quest. As soon as you finish the operation, after talking with Julio, go in any direction for Clara to contact you. She will ask to meet with Benito Menges. You will have three markers. One of them points to the fuel base on the right side of the map. And head there. Climb a hill and mark all targets. The location has a camera, a sniper, and one alarm. Kill all enemies to capture the base. You will learn about the new hunting place from the local scout. Inside the locked storage room, there is not only an FND cache, but also a note that will point out the location of Commander Rosario. Instead of two markers, one will remain.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Go there. You will find yourself in a rank 4 region. Here the enemies are much more dangerous. I recommend to mark all targets, then go down with the help of the “cat” and kill the enemy on the hill to the right. Finish off other opponents if possible, acting stealthily. Or immediately stand behind the turret and shoot everyone, including Rosario. Then, get out of this area the same way to contact Benito. The task is completed.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Libertad will win

Some FND bases have security control centers that are locked in a storage room. Disable them to disable alarms and cameras, and life will be much easier.

Before returning to Clara, go to the top of Armonia. Now I will tell you about cryptograms. There are a total of 30 cryptograms in the game that are used to open chests with unique equipment. At one of the houses at the top of Armonia there is a chest, for which two cryptograms are needed – №1 and №6. Look for cryptogram 6 on the building, under the visor of which there is a chest. Look for cryptogram # 1 inside the concrete pipe, where there is also a blue marker.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Return to the camp and talk to Klara. Go to the location of the anti-aircraft gun, which is marked with a marker. Here you will find several opponents. Clear the area, then throw a grenade into the weapon. Or blow up a green barrel. Here you can also find a map with three FND caches. Then head to the lighthouse, where the unique IVIVA LIBERTAD rifle lies inside the house. Then climb the lighthouse and examine the two ships. After that, they will need to be cleaned. You can jump from the lighthouse and fly by parachute. As soon as you kill all the enemies on one ship, jump over to another and repeat the actions. And then get on the boat that Clara will take. Watch a lengthy video.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough


The rebels’ moves lead to interesting Libertad towers and caches with tons of useful equipment and workbench components.

Go inside the bunker where Juan is, who will tell you that uranium is needed to improve the guns. Then, take a look at Juan’s shop. After that, go to Clara and watch the cut-scene. So, there are four regions here, including the capital with Castillo. You need to grab three of them to corner Anton. Three quests will begin.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Getting to know Maximas Matanzas

Stealing tanks is easy and fun – if, of course, you have smoke or EMP gadgets at your fingertips.

Follow the marker by summoning any river vehicle. After arriving at the fort, take a look around. Go upstairs and climb through the roof into the room where there will be a note. The group left this place. Follow the marker. Along the way, you can find rebel caches and even an altar that gives additional experience points. Once you reach Camp Maximas, you will find that Thalia has been taken prisoner. Kill all the enemies in the area, and then free Thalia. This will show you a cut-scene.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Camp Maximas has some black exclamation markers. Inspect each one for information about the cache, military installations, and so on. In addition, a note hangs on one of the pillars in the camp, which allows you to activate the Yaran story “All or nothing.”

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Settle the score

If you stand still, they will shoot you. Act like a real rebel – aim at the enemy from behind cover or shoot blindly to disorganize enemies.

The quest will start after the mission above when you free Camp Maximas. Follow the marker to the Cruz del Salvador region. Upon arrival, pay attention to the container marker. Move along it and find a box with a unique La Guaracha grenade launcher. Go inside the church and chat with Bembe. Get to the indicated hotel where the soldiers will be. Go through the main building (there is a box with a keychain at the top) and kill the enemies that capture Dmitry. Then talk to him and learn that his brother was killed in the pool nearby. Go there, on the marker, jump into the pool and search the corpse against the wall. You will receive a key.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Now you need to get to another hotel, where there is a safe, which opens with this key. Move as close to this place as possible and walk. Here you will have to kill all opponents. You can do this first. Then go to the flooded building. Go inside and dive into the water. There will be a hole in the wall. Swim there and climb into the desired apartment through the hole in the ceiling. Take the black book from the safe. When you kill all the enemies and take the book, Bembe will contact you. He’s ready to meet north of the hotel. Go there and talk to the man to complete the task.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Valuable cargo

Have the president been killed? Congratulations! But now really serious work begins. The military does not want to surrender – they will have to be convinced. I think it’s clear how exactly.

This is the next assignment from Bembe. Follow the marker and find that the soldiers have captured people. Kill all opponents and free 5 hostages. Follow the marker and get into the truck. You need to get to the specified place without damaging the goods. Do not drive into the water and so on. Drive exclusively on the road. It’s pretty simple. Watch the cut-scene, kill all enemies in the area and drive the truck to the indicated point to meet with Bembe.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough


The muffler will overheat if you fire too many shots. And then there will be as much noise from you as from crocodiles during feeding. Act according to the situation or wait for the muffler to cool down.

The task will be given by Bicho, who will contact you immediately after the “Settle the score” mission. Return to Camp Maximas and talk to the guy. Go to the city and explore the area. There are three trash cans in the search area. Throw bombs at them. After that, you will need to paint 6 billboards with Maria. These are huge banners that can be hung on buildings or rooftops. There are more than six billboards with Maria, so you can easily find the required number to advance on the quest. Find a tall yellow crane in the city, climb the stairs to the very top and change three banners. Then, make your way to a gas station outside the city to meet Bicho. Watch the video.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Radio Libertad

Do you want to mow enemies without armor or predators? Take ammunition for unprotected targets and mow as much as you like.

Bicho’s quest will start automatically after the quest above. Follow the marker to Bicho’s hideout and chat with him to take the assignment. Inside Bicho’s house there will also be a chest with a unique weapon – a Hi-Fi rifle. Pick up the item. Now you need to turn on the three red antennas. All of them are marked with a marker. Move to the nearest one, clear the area and interact with the marked lever. This is the easiest step. Move to the next antenna, which is located at the top of the apartment building. Go upstairs using the vines on the building (from the visor). At the top, lower the lever, but there will be no electricity. Go around the indicated building and shoot at the castle hanging from the inside, and then go inside and fix the electrical panel. Go to the third red antenna. Here you will need to climb a huge tower. Use the blue cloth tabs. Once you will need to be attracted by the “cat”. At the very top, lower the lever.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

We are done with the three red antennas, but now we need to turn off Mary’s tower. Follow the marker. Clear the location and lower the lever at the large satellite dish. After that, climb the stairs to the adjacent tower. At the very top, look for a chest with a unique Com-Pi-ter shotgun. Lower the lever to complete the task. As a reward, you will receive experience points and a “Cassette” keychain.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Freedom from the shackles

It is easy to get a new gadget in Yar – you just need to walk to the nearest workbench. As you assemble the components, look for a workbench and make new toys for your supremo.

Sooner or later, Talia Benevides will contact you during the “Settle the Score” mission. This is how this quest begins. Make your way to the National Zoo and climb the attraction to listen to Thalia. You are close to the quest point. Make your way into the enemy territory where the captives are kept. You need to save 5 out of 7 minimum. The first prisoner is at the very beginning. Two more and three more are in cells in the area marked in yellow. When you have saved as many hostages as possible, follow the marker to the control room and start downloading recordings from video cameras. Fight off enemies until the scale is 100% full. Meet with Thalia at the statue. By the way, in this place you can find a box with one of 19 roosters.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough


All over Yara can be found rebel radio installations intercepting reports of military supplies being dropped from the air. Look for blue antennas if you want to get some supplies.

This is the next task from Thalia, which will become active after the quest “Freedom from the shackles”. Talk to Thalia at the Maximas base. Move to the indicated place, kill the enemies outside and inspect the building. Climb up the stairs to the roof of the neighboring house and jump over to the balcony. Get to Matthias, who is trying to rescue a wounded soldier. Move to the nearby hospital and kill opponents. Take the orange medicine bag from the house and go back. Kill enemies that will come from all sides. At the end, a helicopter will appear, and it will be great if by this moment you have already found a grenade launcher. Ammunition can be found on the roof of the building. After winning, watch the video. The task will end.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Rebel radio

Knock the helmet off the head of some FND soldier or shoot him through a bulletproof vest. Armor-piercing ammunition is the best weapon against heavily armed fighters.

This quest will begin following the previous one, Reeducation. Travel to the indicated location, Camp Maximas, and talk to Thalia. Follow the marker to Maria’s Villa. Kill all opponents, including one helicopter, after which Bicho will come here with equipment. Chat with him and then interact with three devices to get everything ready for the concert. Then you need to fight off Castillo’s army. There will be one helicopter, for which it is better to set aside the grenade launcher.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

The rout

Our friend Yami has prepared different races throughout Yara. To start the race, find a phone booth with blue checkered flags.

Talk to Thalia at Camp Maximas. Thalia wants to stab Maria. You will need to piss Mary off. The first thing to do is go to the rum distillery. And while you are driving there, pay attention to billboards and cars. Thalia will send photos of the cars and billboards she needs. Both there and there Mary is depicted. For each exploded car, you will increase the scale by 25%, the billboard – 15%. Collect 100% to complete the objective. As for the plant, you need to blow up tanks and red boxes on it in order to again gain a scale of up to 100%. When you complete both tasks, Thalia will point to the statue of Castillo. Go to the right place and blow it up. Use any means. For example, you can fire a grenade launcher.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Bottle episode

If you need more gadgets, craft them on the workbench. Supremo aren’t just mean kids. They are customizable evil kids.

Another assignment from Bicho, which he will issue after the Rebel Radio mission. Talk to the guy in Cruz del Salvador. Go to a bar nearby, kill all enemies and pick up a box with booze. Then complete the remaining objectives to end the battle and return to Bicho. Watch the video. Go to church. To her right, in the courtyard, a dance floor was created. Wait for Bicho to come to you, and then talk to the DJ to play your friend’s music. Interact with the dancing Bicho.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

When you wake up, return to the dance floor. Bicho will send a photo. Run to the paddocks and look for Bicho and the cow there. The latter will have to be killed. There is also a rooster cage in these pens. Go back with Bicho, paint any two billboards and run to Maria’s office. Smash everything there, typing 100%, and watch the cut-scene.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Words are like bullets

When the rebels realize that you are giving them a serious rebuff, their leader will appear at the FND base, which the soldiers have recaptured. Eliminate it.

The quest will start immediately after the previous mission. Return to Camp Maximas and chat with Thalia. Travel north and capture the Maria Marquessa Productions Outpost. If you captured this place earlier, then you just have to look at your outpost and pick up the press cards lying on the table. After that, follow the next marker to the Yara Botanical Garden. Watch the video, then wait while Maria Marchessa talks about Viviro. Follow Maria to meet Dr. Edgar Reyes. The cut-scene will start here. Make your way through the huge hall. It is not necessary to kill all enemies, it is enough to get to the room marked with a marker. Watch the video.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Lost, but found

Contact the rebel scouts to find out what’s interesting and what military facilities are nearby. You have to share with each other. Especially when it comes to state secrets.

After the task above, Bicho will contact you, who will say that Talia is missing. Follow the marker to the center of the area to speak with Bicho. Get to the airport located nearby, go inside the building and go up to the second floor. There you will find Bembe. Take the key card and open the door behind which Bembe is sitting. So you will know where to look for Paolo at least approximately. Go to the nearest point. You will be given three markers. They are all located next to each other. Go to the middle of the three markers and search the back room by the pool. The territory is large, but everything is pretty simple. Watch the video featuring Dr. Reyes. Get in your car and follow the marker. You can additionally select a marker on the map so that the correct road is highlighted on the mini-map (in purple).

Far Cry 6 walkthrough


All over Yara can be found rebel radio installations intercepting reports of military supplies being dropped from the air. Look for blue antennas if you want to get some supplies.

Immediately after the previous quest, leave Mattias and talk to Paolo, who is standing nearby. Bicho went mad and went after Bembe. We need to save a comrade. Follow the marker to the center of the region, visit Bicho’s house. Look for the first note inside the house, on the board near the broadcasting equipment. Another note is on the table in the backyard, behind the house. This will tell you where the Bembe warehouse is. Move to the nearest checkpoint and go right. This is one of two markers that appear. Get to the rodeo and kill four bulls, and then read the note lying on the floor.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Head up the map to the next marker. There is a motel here. Kill all enemies and free the doctor to get important information. Go to the warehouse, go up to the second floor and listen to the BioVida scientist. This will tell you the location of Villa Bembe. Go to the manor and interact with the marked door. Watch the video. This is where the quest ends.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Surgical intervention

Benito needs more recruits to carry out Bandidos operations. Visit the master at the rebel camp to build the Bandidos barracks. This will make it much easier to find applicants.

This mission will be given by Matthias, who will contact you after the task described above. Three markers will appear on the map. You need to visit any checkpoint and find antibiotics there. Any checkpoint will really suit you. An orange antibiotic bag will lie inside the locked room. One key to such a room is on the sergeant (an enemy with a yellow health bar), the other is in a nearby building or somewhere nearby. In any case, it is easier to seize the checkpoint, and after that it is searched (when seized, you automatically receive a key).

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Bring the medicine back to Paolo and chat on different topics. Then, head to Villa Sergio. Make your way inside the house, go up to the second floor and examine the landline telephone lying on the table and the computer in the far part. Sergio escaped. Follow the marker down to the river and see Sergio hiding in a car. Jump onto the nearest ATV and chase the enemy. Shoot the pistol at the car using the L1 key. Once the car is destroyed, you will complete the chase and mission.

Angel de la muerte

Performing operations isn’t the only way to rank up. Also don’t forget about FND bases and checkpoints, rebel ambushes and interceptions. Then you will really become a thunderstorm soldados.

The task will be given by Paolo immediately after the quest mentioned above. It’s time to deal with El Doctor. Travel to the designated location where Paolo is waiting for you. There is a huge enemy base nearby. I recommend that you clean it up, and act covertly as long as possible. In the end, go to the adjacent building through the front door, go up to the roof and go inside the desired building. Shoot down the lock and go inside. Use orange terminals to open doors. If there is no door, break the glass. Once you find El Doctor, look for the grate in the corner. Break it and jump down into the ventilation. Move through the ventilation and destroy the grates to get to the exit. Go the only way and attack the doctor’s silhouettes. Eventually, you will see a real doctor. Shoot from any weapon and pick up the key card. After that, leave the building and run to the helipad. Defend yourself. There will be ordinary enemies, special forces and one helicopter. There are also anti-aircraft weapons nearby. Be sure to destroy it and don’t forget to take the uranium. The battle will be difficult, so help Paolo and your amigo get back on their feet. This will be the final mission and the result will be Maximas joining you.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Getting to know Montero

Damaging FND propaganda posters will not only raise your reputation, but it will also attract recruits for Bandidos operations.

Get to the specified location and chat with Philly. After talking with him, go to the tobacco plantation to meet Espada. Go up to the second floor and go to the back room to see a cut-scene. Go downstairs and clear the courtyard from Castillo’s soldiers. Be sure to use stationary machine gun mounts. When you kill everyone, follow Espada and get on the horse. Stop under the bridge if needed. Then continue on your way and eventually arrive at Montero’s farm. Watch the video.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

For clean air

Finish off the officers first. They call in reinforcements and airstrikes, and keep the morale of nearby soldados alive.

After meeting Montero, chat with Carlos on the farm. In fact, this quest is identical to the quest from Maximas. You need to fill the scale to 100% by destroying Jose’s property. There will be three points. Each point has two huge cisterns and small yellow barrels. All this must be destroyed. Also, one of the places will lead you to the airfield with yellow planes. In total, you can easily gain the required 100%.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Second son

Some of Yara’s rarest weapons and equipment are hidden in secret places. To get it, you have to look hard.

After the quest “For Clean Air”, talk to Carlos at Camp Montero. Then head to the roads of the region and look for a paddy wagon. This is an enemy truck with a red body, in which hostages are transported. As soon as you get hold of the paddy wagon, a marker will appear. Drive to the indicated area and stop inside the garage. Carlos will take you to the prison, where you must find Miguel. First, I recommend clearing the area. But if you are going to act in secret, this is not necessary. Move to the main courtyard of the two-story school building, go up to the second floor and find the key card from the prison in the office. It may be dropped by a local officer. One way or another, after that you will need to go down and go to the buildings in another part of the enemy territory. One of them is closed with a lattice. Open it with the keycard and talk to Miguel. Accompany him to gas station and watch the video. Don’t run far as Miguel may stop and wait for you.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

There is never too much

Destroy checkpoints and fucking FND billboards – show everyone that our roads are ours.

This quest from Philly can be taken after Carlos’ quests described above. Follow the marker, kill all enemies and make sure no one is around. Only then get behind the wheel and drive back to the Montero camp. As soon as you find yourself in place, the task will be completed.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Napoleon El Pequeno

Think ahead. With the help of the camera on your phone, you can understand which equipment will better protect you from specific enemies. Remember that every job requires the right tool.

Speak with Espada at Montero Farm. Get to the meeting point and talk to Espada again. Infiltrate the enemy beach. You need to get to the corpse at the helipad, which you saw in the cut-scene. Look at the note near the corpse and, together with Espada, run to Jose’s villa. Kill all the enemies and go up to the second floor, where the computer of Anton Castillo’s nephew is located. In the office there is a unique pistol “Bloodsucker”. Don’t forget to pick up your weapon. And then run to the marked bunker. Finish off the enemies, go inside from the beach side and kill the enemy. Free three hostages. The task will end.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Blood ties

Free the captives, and they will share information about the nearest rebel cache. It is profitable to save people.

Espada’s next quest, which will become active after the Napoleon el Pequeno mission. Get to the marker and climb the stairs to the water tower for a cutscene. Clear out a small enemy base. I recommend that you get close to the tank and climb into it yourself, and then change to a stationary weapon. After killing everyone, go inside the laboratory to find a scientist. Watch the video. The task will end.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough


Money will loosen anyone’s tongue. Pay bribes to FND double agents to gain valuable intelligence about the military resources located in the area. And do not forget to pre-hide the weapon. Also make sure there are no other opponents nearby.

This quest will start after all the quests listed above. Montero’s people will be captured. Follow the marker to the city with the church, go inside and climb the bell tower using the key you received earlier. Watch the video (interact with the bag). Then pick up Alejandro and follow Espada. You don’t even need to put it on the ground, since you are allowed to shoot from a pistol with an infinite supply of ammo. Next, you will need to shoot back from enemies while sitting in the back of a pickup truck. You have infinite ammo for any weapon, so in this case it is better to use a grenade launcher or a rocket launcher. There will be two helicopters at once. You should also shoot back from jeeps. After destroying the second helicopter, the sequence will end. Watch the video.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Weapon of war

The poisoned soldiers fall into a rage and begin to crumble each other. Throw a Molotov cocktail into their crowd and enjoy the spectacle.

Talk to Alejandro after Sunset. Go to the church where Carlos died and talk to the priest inside it. After that, follow the marker to the bar where the soldados are resting. Kill all the enemies and take the sword stuck in the table. It remains to return to Alejandro to complete the quest. In addition, there is a weapon crate in the bar where the sword is located. There is a unique submachine gun “PP-Art”.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Death sentence

Use Viviro against Castillo. Poisonous ammunition can even cause enemies to attack each other.

This quest will become active after the “Weapon of War” mission. Chat with Espada to start the quest. The girl asks to destroy the three lieutenants who participated in the murder of Carlos. Go to the hotel and search it. There are three floors in total. Each floor has a room for one of the lieutenants, which is marked with a white flag with a red checkmark. This is the standard flag of the Castillo army. One of the lieutenants is right here and will try to escape. Finish him without leaving the territory. The other two lieutenants are in other places. Visit them. In the spa and ranch area, both lieutenants walk right outside. As always, their scale and names will be highlighted in yellow. Once all three are dead, the operation will automatically end.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Open sky

If you leave the corpse of the enemy in a conspicuous place, betray your presence to those who find it. Better to drag the corpse to safety.

This quest will become active after the “Weapon of War” mission. Chat with Alejandro at Montero Farm. Get to the marked place, enter the bunker and look for a computer on the first floor. If you are next to him, a marker will appear. After that, start the hacking process and fight off the approaching opponents. Stay close to your computer so that progress doesn’t stop. When the scale is full, leave this place, discard the “tail” and the task will be completed.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Diesel Daisy

If you mark an enemy and see his name, then you have a particularly important goal in front of you. Kill such opponents first and steal everything of value that he will have with him.

The task will be given to Philly after two missions “Open Skies” and “Death Sentence”. Follow the marker and talk to the guy. It is located inside the cave. You can get there either from below or from above, through a hole in the rock. Then turn the valve, go to the other side and lower the lever. Go down to where Philly went on the zipline. There you need to press the red button. After activating the three devices, talk to Philly. We need to find parts for Daisy.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Get to the crocodile farm. It is not necessary to kill everyone. It is enough to follow the marker and pick up the crocodile’s head from the counter. When done, head to the oil platform. This is already a much more dangerous location, especially if you decide to capture it. There are several rooms on the upper floors, and almost every one contains a tidy with printed circuit boards. You just need to take one board. When you get both items, return to Philly in the cave. Shoot back at enemies. You need to defend the red tanks in the center and Philly’s truck. If anything explodes, the mission will fail. Watch the video. And then blow up the main tank. You can throw a grenade.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Ball flying

If you can’t handle FND in any way, select the “History” mode. Then the victory of Libertad will be practically in your pocket!

Philly will issue this mission after the Diesel Daisy. Follow the marker to the baseball field. Kill all the enemies, free the hostages if you wish. Climb to the stands and find the key card on the table. Go down and go to the far right corner of the field, where there is a booth with a closed door. Open it with the key and take the baseball gun. Now we need to find a military plane for Philly. By the way, it is one-on-one with the default aircraft available to you. However, you need to board exactly the plane that is marked with a marker. After that, fly to Philly, land and take the plane into the garage. Use L2 to decrease the propeller speed. This is important when landing.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Justice of Montero

At the end of the storyline, the FND will re-conquer the provinces of Yara. Complete tasks to regain control of the provinces and help the rebels.

Espado will contact you. Go to the farm and talk to everyone. Fly to the destination point by controlling the plane. There will be the first five fields. Use the circle button to look down through the bomb storage hatch. Throw them so that the crosshairs are directed to the desired field. After destroying five fields, fly to a new location and burn three more. Then fly to the airfield where Jose is. Jump off and land with a parachute. Climb the tower, killing enemies, and wait. After the cutscene, Jose will appear in a helicopter. It is advisable to use a rocket launcher (RPG) here. After a few hits, the helicopter will fall down and you will see the final cut-scene of this chapter.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Acquaintance with legends

There is no need to leave resources lying idle. Meat and fish can be exchanged for components from merchants or given to the chef in the camp to prepare a lunch for you that gives you bonuses.

Follow the marker, capturing checkpoints and outposts along the way to get fast travel points. When you reach the multi-colored stone, start moving uphill. Jump over ledges, climb over plants and grab onto the cat. In some places, with the help of the “cat” you need to swing and jump over cliffs. Also in the future, you will have to blow up or shoot the orange mesh holding the stones a couple of times. Eventually, you will pass by the statue and go down to the lair of Legends of the 67th. This is where the task ends.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Time to take your medicine

Incendiary ammunition burns like a venereal disease. They even allow enemies to be set on fire.

Chat about everything with El Tigre. Follow the marker to the north. You’ve probably already come from there and captured a coffee factory along the way. On the spot you will meet Honron, which represents another organization in the eastern part of Yara. Watch the cut-scene and kill Castillo’s soldiers. One helicopter will appear at the end, so save the RPG shells. Watch another video. Then you will need to detonate an anti-aircraft gun in the west (if you have not done this before), and then use any helicopter. One of them stands next to the same anti-aircraft gun. Another can be obtained, for example, at the military facility FND. By the way, you can find a helicopter and carefully get to the place of loading. In any case, when you practically land in the right place, the task will be completed.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Proof or not

The rebels keep excellent gear in locked chests with cryptograms. Follow the path marked with bells to break the code.

The next task from El Tigre. Speak to him at the 67th Legends base. Get to the Castillo facility and look around. In total, you need to take three photos. Walk to the water on the right. You can also turn off the alarm there. Go upstairs to the control room and turn the valve to lower the water level. Go down to the water and take pictures of the corpses. Use R1 to get the camera. If you are looking at the correct objects, a hint in brown letters “Take a photo” will appear in the middle of the screen. In all other cases, there is no such hint during normal photography! The next object is a corpse in the chamber in the middle. Finally, you need to get into the building. The key card can be picked up from the killed lieutenant (or look in other buildings). Enter the building, climb the stairs and take pictures of the scientists, experimenting with outcasts (right through the window above). Return to the camp and show the footage to Lorenzo.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

New revolution

Huang’s merchants are friends of ours and have excellent products. If you defeat the FND base, look for a nearby merchant. The range is expanding with each new rank of Tribute.

After the first quest in the region, a girl representing La Moral will appear at Patriots Peak. By the way, don’t forget to create new buildings in the camps. Travel to the city marked with a marker. Please note that it has a curfew. Go around enemies. At the bottom of the city, go to the courtyard where the quest area is. Enter the building on the right, whose walls are painted yellow. Walk through it and look to the left. There will be a multi-colored wall with a hidden door. Interact with her, walk through and talk to the head of La Moral. After the video, go outside by talking to the rebel. If suddenly an alarm is raised outside, he may not respond to you. In this case, go to the main menu and load the last save.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Follow the rebel on horseback, talk to the pilot and get into the helicopter. Wait until you find yourself at the ship. Climb up and kill all enemies. Free a couple of hostages from above, then lower the lever and jump into the hold after the container. Open it by knocking down the lock to free the last captives. After that, clear the deck of the ship, and then destroy all enemy aircraft. To do this, you can use an assault rifle or turrets placed around the perimeter of the ship. After destroying all the planes, jump into the water and climb onto the boat. Sit in the shooter’s seat. While the insurgent is directing the boat to the shore, shoot back from the opponents. Clear the shore, as a result of which the mission will be completed.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

The points

Destroy anti-aircraft guns to fly calmly and wreak havoc among enemies. And don’t forget to collect Depleted Damage stored exclusively next to these cannons.

The next task from Elena, which will be available immediately after the quest “New Revolution”. Watch the video. El Tigre will join La Moral and Elena will tell you what to do next. The task will end, but three quests will become active at once.

The task can be taken immediately upon completion of the “By points” mission. Talk to El Tigre and get to the said museum. Hide the weapon and get inside through the side doors. Be sure to clean the case with a unique weapon, and then go to the courtyard with “Carlito”. It turns out it’s a tank. Carefully repair it, and then sit inside and direct from marker to marker. Kill opponents using the main cannon (press the X button on the PlayStation). Eventually, you will hide in a cave. Watch the video.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Room service

When you destroy military equipment, you can get spare parts and fragments of parts to improve your transport.

The task can be taken immediately upon completion of the “By points” mission. At the La Moral hideout, talk to Elena. If you suddenly complete this quest later, after the task above, its marker may disappear. However, it is enough to simply return to the hideout and find the boss of the rebel organization. Must visit the Grand Hotel Caballero. Get out and run to the nearest marker. Climb inside the cargo hold of the car and wait. It will take a couple of minutes before you reach the desired hotel. Don’t even try to be secretive. It is best to attack head-on, since you still have to kill every enemy. When the Dentist and his companions are dead, the task will end, and you will see a cut-scene.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough


By capturing the FND base, you will not only bend the regime, but also gain access to rebel scouts, Huang’s merchants, new vehicles and points for fast travel.

The task can be taken immediately upon completion of the “By points” mission. Speak with Honron at La Moral Hideout. The girl offers to attack the convoy. But first, she will offer to enlist the support of three farming families. You can ignore this moment and go to the Schaub Pass. Please note that the truck marked with a marker cannot be destroyed. After capturing it, defend yourself until the enemies run out. However, I had a mistake: I destroyed both the truck and the entire convoy, but the quest was successfully completed.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough


The higher the rank, the better you can hit the military. So I advise you to perform special operations, as well as capture FND bases and checkpoints.

After the three tasks listed above, chat with Elena at the La Moral hideout. She offers to kill Admiral Benitez. Follow the marker to the meeting point with El Tigre. Chat with a man. Follow the tank and kill ordinary soldiers. After destroying the first gate, look into the tent to the left of the second. There is a container with enriched uranium. Watch the video. Dani will be inside the fortress.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Wait for the enemies to appear. Kill everyone and follow through the opening that opens. In the next room you will find an enemy using poison gas. The room will begin to fill with poison. Go down to the first floor and turn the first valve. Climb to the second floor and go to the locked room with the enemy. Turn the second valve located to the right of the door. Climb over the fence at this valve and move through the pipes to the third. Then go right and climb the stairs to the fourth valve. Finally, walk the pipe to the right and left, crouching down. Jump over further and get to the last, fifth gate. When you block everything, kill the sergeant and pick up the key card. Open the door located below.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Go through this door, move forward and you will see Admiral Benitez. Walk around the room and go through the door. Press the button located on the remote control to free the prisoners. Get out of here and kill the flamethrowers who are attacking all the captives. An elite enemy will also appear. Kill him and take the key card. Open the door further to meet with your allies. Go outside and finish off the rest of the opponents. Kill them until you can get close to the gate. You can’t just break them. While Elena is repairing the cannon, kill the enemies. Sooner or later, the task will be updated. Go to the cannon and repair it using the torch. Climb inside and shoot at the door. Finish off the remaining enemies and open the fort where Admiral Benitez is hiding. Get ready for slow motion. Aim and shoot Benitez in the head. If you miss, you will die, and you will have to repeat the sequence again. Watch the video.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

The right to party

You will receive a bonus for completing special operations and capturing FND bases with your partner.

After the destruction of Admiral Benitez, you can go to the party that La Moral is organizing. Chat with Elena and agree to take part in the party. You can get to the desired place on your own or get in the car to Elena, who will take you to the marker. When Honron says he’ll get there first, run to the beach, board any jet-scooter, and head to La Reina Island. In any case, you have to wait for the girls. Talk to Honron, who will escort you to the grill. Listen to her, and then jump into the water and pick up the grill from the bottom. Put it on fire. Now talk to Elena, who knows where to find vegetables. When you get there, the first thing to do is collect all the carrots. Further, I recommend using grenades to simultaneously open the cages and kill all birds with one stone. After that, go down to the shore and kill several crocodiles. And then find the tackle box on the other side. Buy an upgraded reel and line. Choose a different bait. Then go fishing. If the line turns red while pulling the fish, release L2 to prevent it from breaking. Take the vegetables and meat to the grill, and then start the fireworks. The quest will end in the morning.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Lion market

Our national sport is not only boring, but also useful! Throw the ball to distract the soldados without arousing suspicion.

After a stormy party (previous quest) Elena will contact you. Travel to the specified location and watch the video. Then you will need to defend. Kill enemies walking along the main road. Kill the soldiers, and then destroy the equipment, among which there will be one tank. Then go to the other side. Enemies will go from the side of the waterfall. Kill until Elena asks for help at the main headquarters. Go up to the second floor again and this time destroy 3-4 helicopters. A turret is installed here, which will greatly simplify the task. Although if you have an RPG, you can use this weapon. Moreover, there is an ammunition box in the room. Escape with Elena and watch the video.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Tourist trap

Lola is in every rebel camp (there are three in total). The woman is marked with a blue marker with a white star. Special operations are available only with an active Internet connection.

Talk to Elena right away to take on a new assignment. Follow the marker to the base where the jammers are located. Here you will find the first jammer. As a result of its disabling (climb up and interact with the panel), the task “Out of the access zone” is activated. It involves turning off 11 jammers. It is not necessary to do this, but the more jammers you disable, the faster the download speed of data from computers of a local businessman will be. And the faster you download the data, the faster you can leave his villa. Otherwise, you will have to linger and fight with even more enemies. So it’s up to you to decide. Once in place, find rooms with computers on the first and second floors. In both cases, you need to interact with monitors. Then wait for the download to complete, the speed of which depends on the number of disabled jammers. Since they were not marked with markers, I did not bother too much and limited myself to four jammers. In principle, apart from the enemies who were on the territory of this building, no reinforcements arrived here. After booting from two computers, you will be asked to enter the conference room. To do this, go up to the third floor and search the office with an FND chest, a box with a key fob and a key card. This key card opens the conference room. Enter there and watch the video. This key card opens the conference room. Enter there and watch the video. This key card opens the conference room. Enter there and watch the video.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Out of range

Want to help Libertad and get more resources? Send leaders and recruits to Los Bandidos to blow up the enemy.

You need to disable 11 jammers at Cape Mirador in La Jolla. On the one hand, the game does not offer any markers, on the other, Cape Mirador is a rather limited area. You can also study the map, zoom in and see all the “red” zones. It is in such areas that the jammers are located. But remember that after turning off the jammers, the red zones remain on the map, so it is better to turn them off all at once and somehow systematically, consistently, so as not to get confused. In general, the quest is optional.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Favorite weapon

They say there is a secret cave on the island of Santuario where the mighty guardian of the Triad protects cool and powerful things.

The task will be available after you complete the operation “Trap for tourists”. Chat with Elena Morales. Go to the factory where the rebels are already located. Interact with the remote control to blow up the gate. Go inside and kill the enemies. Wait, then go down to the basement. Clear the room where the lieutenant will also be. Then in the far lower room, find a computer and start the hacking process. The speed will again depend on the number of jammers. Kill enemies without letting them turn off your computer. Then activate manual control. Wait for Fartovaya to blow up the wall. Take the only way out. Outside, destroy the two helicopters and leave the factory to complete the operation.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Verified blow

Decorate your gear with paint cans. They can be found throughout Yara. The best rebels always have impeccable style.

The task will be available after you complete the operation “Trap for tourists”. Talk to Fartova. Then slide down the rope. You need to move along the pipes and destroy substations. There will be 4 or 5 substations in total. You can lower 3 levers, destroy 3 valves on pipes (not to be confused with valves), or just shoot a huge yellow tank. In any case, there is only one outcome – the tank must explode. Move from point to point, do not forget to search enemy territories that have at least one FND box. After the destruction of the last substation, Fartovaya will ask you to get to the chemical plant. Follow the marker where you need to clear the yard. Climb into the control room and activate the jailbreak. Don’t let the enemy disable the process. Then you will need to blow up four tanks. In each case, you manually activate the self-destruct process, and the enemy can turn it off. I recommend running through all the tanks first and activating the panels. Then run to the one that the enemy was able to turn off. Finally, get inside the factory and shoot the main glass flask until the safety factor drops to 0. Then leave the factory to complete the mission and get new data.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough


Photos of large tanks have been sent to you. They should be destroyed. In addition, there are four markers on the map indicating in which areas to look for tanks. Conventional weapons can shoot thin tanks, but huge silo towers will have to be destroyed using an airplane, helicopter or rocket launcher. Fill in the scale and go to the port. Destroy the tank that leaves the warehouse and interact with the door. McKay should be behind her, but he won’t be there. After the cut-scene, urgently leave the room. Run to the pier. Your partners will destroy the first ship. You get on a water scooter and sail to another vessel. Go inside through the hole, go upstairs and find the wheelhouse where McKay sat down. Juan will say that he made a deal with him. You can leave or kill McKay. The next cut-scene will depend on this.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Lost heaven

This mission is related to the attack on Anton Castillo. Moreover, you can attack him almost from the very beginning of the game, although it is almost impossible to kill Anton without the support of other factions. Once you’ve secured the support of all Yara’s factions, head to Esperanza. Get to the marker and watch the video. Follow the three markers and plant the bombs. You can act covertly or head to head. In any case, there are few reinforcements here, although all enemies are dangerous. After reaching the hotel, go downstairs and clean the lobby. On the second floor, in the room with the FND container, there is a key card. Go downstairs and take the elevator up on the first floor. Watch the video. Then, get out of the hotel. It is better not to go by car. Go outside and get into any armored vehicle.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough


Juan will contact you. Follow the marker to the bunker on Libertad Island. Watch the video. You need to visit three locations and leave the Viviro packages there. In one of the places everything will go fine, but in the second Dani will be ambushed. Watch the video featuring General Raoul. After the video, break the grate and get out of the trap. Move through the white doors, climbing up, and jump into the water. On the beach, you will receive a quest from Clara, although this quest has yet to be completed.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough


Move to Clara’s shelter and listen to her thoughts. This completes the mission, and you will receive the unique El Regalo de Clara pistol.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Lion’s den

This quest will only start if you have already collected all of Yara’s factions. Just wait for Juan to contact you and then head to the specified location. Interact with the sign under the statue to trigger the final chain. Don’t worry, even if you agree, at the end of the story you will be able to complete the side quests and do the rest of the actions.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Soon you will find yourself on the island where the Castillo estate is located. Move up the slope, use the “cat” and get over to the other side. Walk across the bridge and look at the gate. They need a key. In the building to the right of the gate, there is one enemy and a key lying on the table. Open the gate. Now proceed as carefully as possible. Go through the doors and find a ladder on the side. Go up to the second floor and enter the office. The main thing is to bypass the enemies. Watch the video, and then destroy the enemies until Juan says that the island is captured.

Far Cry 6 walkthrough

Battle of Esperanza

Chat with Juan. I don’t know how it will be with you, but I had to go upstairs, onto the roof and jump down outside the estate, and then go inside. If you can’t interact with Juan, just wait. Run forward clearing the streets and enter the tower. Go up the stairs and the elevator shaft. In the latter case, you need to use the “cat” to rise higher. Eventually you will find an elevator. Log in and watch the video.

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