Ways to Fix Oreo TV Not Working (2024)

Ways to Fix Oreo TV Not Working (2021)

Ways to Fix Oreo TV Not Working (2021)

Ways to Fix Oreo TV Not Working (2021)

You don’t need to research to know that billions of people watch movies and shows today. There are a variety of these films and shows that we can watch such as Asian dramas, Bollywood movies, Hollywood films and even anime shows. Most streaming platforms allow people to stream all of these but for a monthly subscription fee. But if you’re a resourceful person, you’re glad that you found out about Oreo TV since it’s a free app!

In most cases, we’re asked to pay from $8 – $12 a month just to stream our favorite movies and shows. Although this isn’t a bad deal at all, it’s may be too expensive for some consumers. With this, Oreo TV is the perfect alternative today. But if you’re having some troubles with this app and you don’t know how to fix them, read down below!

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Why Oreo TV?

If you’re a normal person, you might have watched a lot of movies and shows by now. It’s not to say that you’re abnormal if not but it’s what most people do nowadays. This is further influenced by the fact that it’s now more convenient to watch content with the existence of various streaming apps. Platforms like Crunchyroll, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and more are taking over the entertainment industry like a storm.

Ways to Fix Oreo TV Not Working (2021)

But even so, there are still people who can’t afford to pay for these convenient services. But since they have data or WiFi, they try to find anything that allows them to watch movies and shows with no cost. These can lead them to downloading torrents, watching low-quality clips from YouTube or just watching them in cinemas. But for those that have found Oreo TV, this app seems to be the best one out of all the alternatives.

But sometimes, even this app seems to run into some problems. In such cases, you need not panic as we’ve prepared all the fixes for you here!

How to Fix Oreo TV Not Working

It’s quite common for apps to cease working or to encounter some problems along the way. With this, you don’t need to panic and uninstall the app quickly. Instead, find a way to identify the problem and to find a fix for it. Luckily, we’re here to help you!

Ways to Fix Oreo TV Not Working (2021)

Oreo TV Not Working

One of the most common problems that users may face is that the app itself stops working. It may be that you’ll see some black or white screen or it crashes randomly. Because of this, you can’t do anything except to find some fixes online.

If this is the case, we suggest that you update the app to the latest version. You can go ahead and uninstall the old version first and find the newest version online. This should solve most problems you’re facing as this app updates frequently to fix bugs.

Oreo TV Not Streaming

If your Oreo TV app isn’t letting you stream, it might be because of several reasons. First, check to see if your internet connection/data is working properly. Sometimes, this app doesn’t stream because the internet is so slow.

If the problem still persists despite your internet working smoothly, it might be because the server is busy or down. In this case, the only thing you can do is to wait for a moment before using it again. Or, you can also try restarting your device and clearing the app’s cache and data. But if it’s still not streaming, try to reinstall the app then.

Ways to Fix Oreo TV Not Working (2021)

Oreo TV Star Channels Now Working

What if the live channels aren’t working? If this is the case, it might be because you’re using the app outside of the intended location. First, open a VPN app/software and select India as the location. This should solve the problem as the app now sees that you’re located in India. Enjoy the live channels in the app now!

Oreo TV Not Updating

Sometimes, you might encounter that the app isn’t updating. If this is the problem you’re experiencing, it might be best to revert back to the old version. Find an old version that works for your device! This should solve the problem. But if not, try contacting support.

Final Thoughts

The first thing you should do when Oreo TV isn’t working is to calm down. Read our guide and find a way to fix it. But don’t just rely on what’s written here and do your research if these doesn’t work. You can ask in forums or even better, contact the support team of Oreo TV.

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