What is the Jazztel mega deposit?

Operators are increasingly offering more gigs in data rates . However, not all operators have additional functions for mobile rates, such as the accumulation of gigabytes or the ability to share them. Operators have several ways to enjoy more gigs each month, and Jazztel has a so-called mega deposit .

The Jazztel mega deposit is the functionality that allows you to accumulate the data of your rate that you do not spend in each cycle, and spend it in the next. Once the new cycle arrives, those accumulated from two months ago are lost, and those of the next one are won.

Jazztel allows you to accumulate gigs

This functionality is available for free to all Jazztel customers from March 20, 2018. If you have changed the operator from that date, you should already have it activated by default . In the event that you do not have it active, you just have to follow a series of very simple steps.

To do this, you have to go to the Customer Area or the Jazztel app . In them, we have to go to the mobile phone number, and go to the part of accumulating megabytes . There, we will get the option to activate it in the part of ” Deposit of megabytes ” within ” Products” . After that, in a maximum of 48 hours, we will receive an SMS confirming that we already have the function active. It is necessary to restart the mobile for this activation to be effective. In the case of wanting to deactivate it, it is necessary to call 1565.

The operator will notify each billing cycle that the data included in the contracted rate will be consumed. There is an important distinction in the gigs accumulated from one month to another in Jazztel, and that is that the way they are spent is different from that used by other operators.

First the hired are spent, and then the extra

What most operators do is start spending the gigs that we have accumulated from the previous month, and then they go on to spend those of the contracted rate. Thanks to this, if we do not spend all the gigs accumulated from the previous month, we will have double the gigs available for the following month.

However, with Jazztel, the operator does it the other way around. In this case, what you do is start by spending the gigs of the contracted data rate first . If we spend all of them, then that is when you will start spending from the accumulated from the previous month. The problem is that, if we spend all the contracted gigs of a rate in one month, the following month we will not have additional gigs to spend.

Jazztel allows you to review at any time the additional gigabytes that we have each month in Jazztel’s customer area or in the app. It is important to bear in mind that only the gigs of the contracted rate accumulate, and not those of the additional bonuses or of any other type.

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