Where to Buy ROBUX

Buying ROBUX is a fairly common practice among many parents who have children who play ROBLOX. But you have to be very careful not to be scammed by some pages that offer irreplaceable prices very out of the market. Under this pretext you may be giving your data to a third party who has criminal intentions.


We advise you not to enter websites where they promise to win free ROBUX or unauthorized pages. Keep your children away from credit cards and help them to recognize these types of pages.

In the following Guide you will know how to buy ROBUX and most importantly, where to do it safely.

How to Buy ROBUX from the Computer

This mode is one of the simplest and safest that exist. Just go to the ROBLOX website and follow the steps below .

Sign up and look for the ROBUX Symbol

When entering ROBLOX you can perform different actions through the menus that exist within the game. There you can configure your avatar, see your inventory and how not to buy ROBUX. To do this, enter the ROBUX menu and there you can buy different amounts depending on the price you want to pay with real money.

Join ROBLOX Premium and Buy ROBUX every month

If, on the other hand, you don’t mind making a small investment in your son or daughter, paying a monthly subscription offers a plus of 10% of the total ROBUX you want to buy. That is, if you choose to pay the monthly fee to buy 400 ROBUX and subscribe to ROBLOX Premium, your son or daughter will receive 440 ROBUX in total.


You can unlink this payment whenever you consider it and consider it convenient. Remember that if your son or daughter stops playing this action will be the most convenient. 

Buy ROBUX with 100% Real Money

Once you choose the amount of money you want to spend, a payment gateway will appear. Remember that you must carry out this step accompanied at all times with an adult.


As can be seen in the previous image, the prices are adapted to the real currency of the person who is paying. So it will always be done in local currency. 

How to Buy ROBUX from your Mobile?

Another way to buy ROBUX safely is from your mobile. The advantage is that it is not necessary to have a credit card for this process although some risks are assumed. The steps to follow are practically very similar to those of buying ROBUX from the PC. You will still have to perform different steps.

Register and Enter ROBLOX from your Mobile

This step is super simple, you just have to take the application from the device that you have linked to the payment gateway and enter with your username. We recommend parents to configure ROBLOX parental control to avoid major scares.

Once there you will find the symbol of a ROBUX coin in the upper right menu. By clicking on it you will access the ROBLOX platform purchase screen.

Choose your ROBUX Purchase Package

This step is quite similar to buying ROBUX from your computer. In it, a screen appears informing us of the current ROBUX balance available in the account and a list of prices to buy our ROBUX.

The only difference between the mobile version and the PC version is that there are more options to buy ROBUX. Choose how much you want to spend and voila!

Choose the Payment Method

Either with Google Play or with the Apple Store, you must have a linked payment method. We highly recommend not linking the credit card or any other method where the payment is made automatically. It is important so that the minor does not have the temptation to get their device and buy with total impunity.


As can be seen in the previous image, the prices are adapted to the real currency of the person who is paying. So it will always be done in local currency. 

Where to buy ROBUX Cards?

There is a very safe way to buy ROBUX without taking any of the risks mentioned above. One of the advantages of buying a ROBUX card in this way is to prevent our son or daughter from manipulating or learning to manipulate our bank accounts. Remember that our conception of money is quite different from theirs.

Finding these gift cards with ROBUX will be quite easy. To do this, you should only look for a reference video game or technology store in your area. They often appear on a sort of vertical counter alongside other Battlenet, Steam, Nintendo, PS4, or Xbox cards.

However, if there are no stores of this style in your area or they do not sell these gift cards, it will be great news to know that Amazon has a large stock of these types of cards. Within its catalog you will be able to buy 800, 2000 and 4500 ROBUX cards and have them available, without having to travel, in a few days.

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