Why And How To Conduct An Internet Speed Test?

Why And How To Conduct An Internet Speed Test?

Why And How To Conduct An Internet Speed Test?Why And How To Conduct An Internet Speed Test?

Over the last decade, broadband internet has become an essential home utility. It has become a necessity just like water and electricity especially if you live in an urban setup. With the increasing popularity of broadband internet, many businesses have entered the market and the most common way of selling broadband internet is by marketing it as “high speed”.

However, is this true? The high speed can be subjective and therefore, it is a good idea to check the speed yourself with any Speed Test to analyze whether the high speed is actually worth the money that you are spending on it. It is recommended to conduct both a wired test and a wireless test. 

Why Conduct A Wired Test?

A wired internet test will give you the exact internet speed that the internet service provider is giving to you. By connecting your laptop or personal computer with the router via ethernet cable, you can carry on a wired test. The maximum internet speed can be best analyzed with the help of a wired online internet speed test and the wired test is also considered a better indicator of the internet speed test in comparison to WiFi connection. 

Why Conduct A Wireless Test?

In addition to a wired internet test, it is also recommended to create a wireless internet speed because most of the time, you will be connected with the router through a wireless connection. Also, a wireless test will help you to examine the strength of the internet from different parts of the home. Further, with the help of a wireless test, you can check whether the location of the router is in a perfect position or not. For instance, if you are getting a decent internet speed even in the farthest room of your home, you can conclude that the position of the router is at a good location. 

What Is A Good Internet Speed?

You want a fast internet speed but how will you know if the internet speed is fast enough or not? In an urban setup, download speeds higher than 200 Mbps which is often offered by broadband services like MTN is considered a norm. However, such a high internet speed may not be available all across the region. Therefore, it can be said that the benchmark of fast internet speed will differ from one geographical location to another. However, irrespective of the geographical location, a top speed of 100 Mbps can be considered a fast internet speed. 


However, instead of running behind fast internet, it will be a wise decision to go for the actual internet speed that you really need for completing any task online. If you are a light internet user, you won’t even need such a high internet speed. Therefore, when considering the internet speed, go for the one that can best meet your requirement. 

How To Conduct An Internet Speed?

Now that you know that you need to conduct both a wired and wireless internet test along with what can be considered a good internet speed, it is now important to know how to actually conduct an internet speed. 


Firstly, before conducting an internet speed test, it is important to analyze how exactly the internet speed is measured. Internet speed is measured in Mbps or megabits per second. The Mbps basically measures the speed with which the data is downloaded and uploaded. If the internet speed is 100 Mbps, it means that you will be able to download 100 megabits of that file every second, theoretically. When you are checking the internet speed, you need to look at both the upload and download speed. For most users, download speed is the most important speed that one needs to look out for. 


There are multiple websites available online that allow users to check the internet speed for free. It is a good idea to Google search internet speed test and clicks on a reliable link to check the internet speed. It is recommended to carry out the same test twice. One with the wired connection, which means the laptop is connected with the ethernet to know the actual internet speed and the second test should be that of wireless connection. If you find a discrepancy in the internet speed for what you are paying and what you are getting, you should contact the internet service provider. 




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