Windows Defender is still the best Windows 10 antivirus product

Windows 10, Microsoft has integrated firewall, family security, performance and health and other functions into Windows security applications. Windows Defender attaches great importance to user security. According to Microsoft, it is also the most commonly used antivirus software in the corporate world.

In the latest anti-virus software report, Windows Defender was once again rated as one of the best options to protect the computer without significantly affecting system performance.

In the latest report of AV-Test, Windows Defender has been rated as the top product for the second time in a row . AV-TEST is an independent organization headquartered in Germany, responsible for evaluating and rating Windows antivirus products.

In the company’s August 2020 “Best Antivirus Software for Home Users” report, Windows Defender scored full marks in three key categories: performance, protection, and usability .

The report is based on samples collected in July and August. Eight antivirus products received the highest 18 points, including Windows Defender.

The German company also pointed out that Windows Defender blocked all 0-day vulnerabilities malware attacks and widespread and popular malware. understands that these results of AV-TEST once again prove that Windows 10’s built-in anti-virus software can resist the latest threats, and Microsoft’s efforts are paying off.

For traditional virus protection, Windows Defender is good enough, there is no bloated software, and it will not slow down the device. Of course, which software to use is ultimately up to you.

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