Borrow Airtime on all Networks: Glo, Airtel, MTN and 9Mobile

how to borrow airtime from mtn, glo, airtel and 9mobile
how to borrow airtime from mtn, glo, airtel and 9mobile

There are times when we run out of credit or cash and need to borrow airtime, without airtime on our mobile phones, it is virtually impossible to make calls. However, there are times when we cannot recharge our phone lines even if we wanted to. There are many reasons why this could happen.

First, you might not have cash at hand or in your bank account to purchase credit. Next, even if you have money, the recharge card dealer might not be nearby. You might also be in a location where there is no internet connection thus making sending a WhatsApp text might not be possible.

So, the question comes, how do you make that vital call without credit on your phone? The good news is that telecom companies have created channels with which you can borrow credit for your phone line.

This means you can still make calls on your MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9Mobile lines even if you have no airtime on your smartphone.

Let’s show you how to borrow airtime on any of the lines mentioned above.

How to Borrow Airtime on an MTN Line

Borrowing airtime on your MTN line does not take time. First dial *606#. You will receive a message which tells you if you meet the criteria for borrowing airtime (your eligibility).

If you are eligible, you will receive a message in the following format:

  1. Eligibility Status
  2. Request Airtime (XtraTime)
  3. Request Data (Xtra Byte)
  4. XtraTime Balance

Choose the Request Airtime option

On the pop-up window, choose the amount of credit you wish to borrow. Your line will be credited within seconds.

Normally, MTN charges about 15% of the total value of the airtime requested. This fee is deducted from your next recharge.

How to Borrow Airtime on a 9Mobile Line

With 9Mobile you can also borrow airtime with your mobile device. The first step is to dial *665# or dial *665*amount#

For subscribers of 9Mobile, they can borrow airtime with the following steps.

  • Dial *665# or *665*amount#

On the pop-up menu, you will see the following options.

  1. Get the highest amount you can borrow
  2. Choose Loan Amount
  3. Check Eligibility
  4. Check Loan Balance
  5. Deactivate Loan
  6. Activate Loan

Select any of the options and follow the on-screen instructions from there. Immediately you specify the amount of you want to borrow, your lines become credited.

How to Borrow Airtime on a Glo Line

You can also borrow airtime from GLO. However, the method with GLO is a bit longer because you’re expected to add a security pin. This is done by following the steps below:

Glo also permits its consumers to borrow airtime. However, Globacom requires a security pin before it credits your GLO line. Now here are the steps.

  • Dial *321# then create a four-digit code of your choice, e.g. 0923
  • Borrow the airtime by pressing *321* code*amount you want to borrow. For instance: *321*0911*200#

Within a few seconds, your GLO line will be credited with the amount you requested for.

How to borrow airtime on an Airtel line

If you use an Airtel line, you can borrow credit by dialling *500*amount#. Using this service, you can borrow as much as N500 worth of airtime at once

On all networks, borrowing airtime includes a service charge. However, this depends on the network you are using. Usually, the fee falls between 10 and 15%. For example, MTN has a service charge of 15% which means you will be credited with #185 if you request for #200 credit.

With our guide, you can borrow credit from your telecom provider and place that important call. However, you can only borrow credit if you do not have any outstanding debts on your line.

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