How to Recharge Your Line with New Mtn Recharge Code

MTN Whatsapp Subscription 2022: Activation Plans, Balance, Cancel codes

MTN Recharge Code 2022: How to Load MTN Airtime/Credit Card

MTN Recharge Code 2022: How to Load MTN Airtime/Credit Card


Are you looking for MTN recharge code 2022? Wow! Amazingly, Mtn network is still one of the best network providers in Nigeria in terms of Network Maintenance, Network Maximizing, etc. Over the years, the famous code to recharge has been 555 the number, then #. So, to find out more about mtn recharge code 2022, read through this post carefully

However, it seems it has been updated or upgraded to other ways of getting our lines to be recharged with different codes that give us bonuses. Read through carefully for information on New MTN Recharge Code with Bonus


About MTN Network

MTN Nigeria is one of the top leading networks in Nigeria; this network has a wide community of subscribers who love to make calls and surf the internet, hence the need for the network to satisfy those needs.

MTN is a network we are all familiar with because they are one of the first telecommunication company in Nigeria and has many customers, everywhere you go you must see someone who uses MTN network.

This is probably because they always introduce special plans their customers can benefit from, they introduce plans that offer more data, more airtime, and at a cheaper rate.

MTN has been operating in Nigeria for almost two decades now. They are as old as modern mobile phones in the country.

Ever since then, the way by which you can load airtime which sometimes can also be referred to as card or credit hasn’t changed until now.

In this article, you will find the latest or let me say a new mtn recharge code recently announced by the telecom giant.

MTN Recharge Code 2022: How to Load MTN Airtime/Credit Card

New MTN Recharge Code

The new way to load your 10 digit mtn card is by dialing 3551Credit PIN#. It works for those recharge cards whose PIN is 10 digits in the number.

For PIN that contains the 12 digits, you will have to use the old mtn recharge code which is 555Card PIN#.

1. How to Recharge Your Line with New Mtn Recharge Code

There is nothing hard there if you what to recharge your line with the new mtn recharge code just go to your phone dialer and dial 3551Recharge pin# which is for Mtn 10 digit recharge codes or pin.

2. How to Recharge Your Line with Mtn 4X Bonus Code

As you hear it 4x yea it is indeed you can get four of your recharge on your mtn line by using these recharge code prompt dial 888Recharge pin# Then send Boom your line will be credited with 4X four times of your recharge.

That is if you load N100 you will getN400 and if you loadN200 you will Get N800 Awesome right.

3. Step to Recharge Your Line with Old Mtn Recharge Code

Has you all know it’s the old way, to Recharge your line with the old mtn recharge code just go straight to your phone and dial 555Recharge Pin# and send these is the old way and the pin lasted to be a 12 digit recharge pin or code.

4. How to Recharge Your Line With Bank Recharge Code

To recharge your line with a bank code is quite easy just go straight to your phone and dial *904# it will lead you to some prompt page, way to get your number or line recharge follow it to select the appropriate option to recharge your line.

How to Check Your Balance on Mtn 

To check your balance on mtn dial 556# which is the normal method use in check balance for other balances like bonus balance and data you can dial 559# or just dial 131 to check your data balance only.

However, to check your 4X Bonus Balance or 4X Airtime balance when you use *888# ways to check the balance will be communicated to you after you have recharge the line.

MTN offers both call and data services. Over the years, MTN has launched diverse services, tariff plans as well as promos to reward its numerous customers and encourage many others that are not their subscribers.

MTN Tariff Plans and Its Benefits

MTN Pulse has prepared the best MTN tariff plan with its benefits. We have compiled all the needed information to help you decide on the appropriate one.

Pulse Tariff Plan

The Pulse tariff plan is one of the best methods used for cheap calls and low rate MTN data for browsing. Its main target is the youths. What are the benefits?

• A subscriber can call networks in Nigeria for 11.2k per sec after spending ₦15.36K daily.

• A customer gets Special Data Bundles: 750MB for ₦300 (the data is valid for only three days) and 1.5GB for ₦500 ( the particular data is useful for a week)

• Customers get Pulse points after activate Data bundles and exchange for free Data.

• You can also stream videos comfortably as they offer Special Instagram and TikTok Bundles: 350MB for ₦100 and 1GB for ₦200.

• Access to Pulse Nightlife Bundles: 250MB for N25 and 500MB for N50 up to 2GB.

• A customer gets a 100% data bonus after purchasing 500MB.

• On the first recharge of the month, you get awarded a Data bonus of 10MB

MTN Night Plan 2022 Code

To subscribe to MTN pulse nightlife bundles, just dial *406# >> reply with 4 >> choose your preferred plan according to your preference of budget.

Alternatively, you can just text NT1 or NT2 to 131 to get 250MB or 500MB for 25 and 50 Naira respectively.

How to Subscribe with 25 Naira on MTN Night Bundle Plan

This is the least MTN night data plan. The new plan has been reduced due to reasons best known to them.

• Dial *406#

• Reply by pressing 4 to select MTN nightlife plan

• Then reply 1 to select 25 naira for the 250MB plan.

• Proceed and reply 1 to confirm that you want to purchase the data bundle.

• Now you will receive a message saying that your night plan subscription is successful. Remember that this data is valid for 6 hours from 12 am to 5 am.

• After that time unused data will be taken back. Nothing like renewal. And maximum night plan data is 500MB

How to Subscribe to Mtn Night Plan

• First of all, Migrate to MTN Pulse package by dialing *406# or sending 406 to 131.

• However, you must have a minimum of N50 on your phone.

• To activate the night tariff plan, you can actually text NIGHT to 131 to enjoy or dial *406# choose 4 and activate any plan of your choice.

You will be able to subscribe to any of the Pulse Nightlife bundles multiple times but NOT more than 500MB in a day.

Thankfully, the 125MB plan can be activated four times in a night, 125MB + 125MB + 125MB + 125MB = 500MB but the 250MB plan is only activated twice, 250MB + 250MB = 500MB. Fair usage policy applies of 500MB and the Nightlife plan is only activated from 12am – 5am

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