MTN Internet APN Configuration For Fast Internet Service Anywhere in Nigeria

Recently, I was checking out Tech videos on YouTube, and suddenly, I came across a video explaining how to make your Internet Speed Faster than normal using APN Settings… Funny enough, I actually needed it at the time because I had been having network issues for a while and I clicked on the video to see what it was all about.

Well, it worked! As shown in the video, I tried out the APN Settings, and my Internet connection became faster instantly after switching to the newly created APN. So, I decided to write an article on the APN Settings for Fast Internet Service anywhere in Nigeria. I’ll also be embedding the video I watched on YouTube for those who prefer a visual representation of things.

Before I get on with the custom APN Settings, let’s look at what APNs are? How you can change them and lastly how you set up the custom APN settings on your smartphone device.

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What are APNs?

On mobile phones, an APN (Access Point Name) connects to the gateway between the local carrier’s network and the internet. The APN locates the IP address with which the device is recognized on the network, determines whether a private network is required, selects the appropriate security settings, and more.

For example, the APN for MTN is for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE devices and the account name for MTN is commonly MTN WAP or MTN WEB.

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Different APN Settings Configuration Nodes

APN Type: MMS, WAP, WEB, Generic, and sup are the five APN types.

MMSC (Multimedia Messaging Service): This is only important when you’re using MMS. It is a very important requirement for most virtual network operators using MMS.

Proxy: Some carriers use the Proxy settings to establish a connection between the network and the Internet. It is very similar to the proxy on a computer.

How To Change Your APN!

To change the APN Settings on your phone, follow these steps:

  1. Refresh the network of your phone by turning the “Airplane Mode” OFF and then ON again
  2. Head on to “Settings” on your smartphone
  3. Click on “Sim Cards and Mobile Networks” or “Network and Internet”
  4. Click on the Sim Card that you currently use for your browsing
  5. Click on “Access Point Names”
  6. Click on “New APN”
  7. Now, use the settings I’ll be providing below to fill in the fields provided.

I’ll now be providing some very fast APN Settings you can use depending on what network provider you currently use… It could be MTN, Glo, 9Mobile, or Airtel. I’m going to be providing different settings for each network provider below.

How To Change Your APN Settings For Faster Internet (Video)

Tech Surgeon’s Video on How To Get Faster Internet with APNs!

Fastest APN Settings for MTN

Note: Fill only the fields that will be provided for you here… Leave all other spaces BLANK!


APN: gloflat (all in small letters)

Username: web (all in small letters)

Password: web (all in small letters)

Fastest APN Settings for GLO

Name: Glo Internet

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APN:  gloflat

Username: flat

Password: flat

Security: PAP or CHAP


Port: 8080

Fastest APN Settings for 9Mobile

Name 9mobile-INTERNET
APN internet
Proxy Not set
Port Not set
Username Not set
Passwords Not set
Server Not set
MMSC Not set
MMS proxy Not set
MMS port Not set
MCC 470
MNC 02
Authentication type Not set/None
*APN type default,supl
APN protocol IPv4/IPv6
APN roaming Protocol IPv4/IPv6
APN enable/disable APN enabled
Bearer Unspecified
MVNO type None
MVNO Value N/A
Mobile virtual network operator type None
Mobile virtual network operator value Not set

Fastest APN Settings for Airtel

Proxy: Blank
Port: 8080
Username: Blank
Password: Blank
MMSC: Blank
MMS Proxy: Blank
MMS Port: 80
MCC: 404
MNC: 10
APN Protocol: IPV4/IPV6
APN: Enable

Airtel MMS Settings

Name: Airtel
Proxy: No Changes
Port No: Changes
Username: No Changes
Password: No Changes
Server: No Changes
MMS Proxy: 100.1.1201.172
MMS Port:8799
MCC: Leave the default
MNC: Leave the default
Authentication Type: No Changes
APN Protocol: IPv4
APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4
Bearer: Unspecified


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