Temple Run Mod Apk V1.16.0 (Unlimited Everything)

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Heavy breathing and your heart is beating fast but you cannot stop . In fact you should not stop because if you stop now, there is only one thing that will come your way; a feisty thirsty for blood monster who is chasing you to rip you apart and have a tasty meal ! It’s the run for your life and if you stop now , there is nothing that will save you. Have you ever had a similar dream? This dream is turned into a reality by the game “Temple Run”. The Temple Run game provides the user a thrilling and adventurous experience where you are being chased by a hungry beast and all you have to do is run and collect all the coins and gems while avoiding all the steep turns and obstacles. Most importantly, you have to avoid that blood thirsty monster who is chasing you throughout !

The internet offers the modified versions of the same apps which can be downloaded at the same convenience as from the Google Play Store and provide all important advantages like unlimited shopping , unlimited lives or all the difficulty levels already unlocked.


Throughout the article, we shall discuss about the features and gameplay of the Temple Run mod apk , the basic requirements for getting access to the mod apk and then end our conversation with the download link to the latest version of the Temple run mod apk.

Temple Run Gameplay and Features

It is pretty simple and straight forward from the name of the game that all you have to do is run. But it is not a simple running game. You have to collect coins and gems which you can later use for purchasing stuff from the store. You also have to maintain your pace while running through various obstacles and steep turns. But why are you running ? Because you are being chased by a monster so if you don’t run , then you will be the monster’s feast. Temple Run allows you to actually experience the thrill of being chased by a monster. So finally there is an app which gives you an opportunity to actually experience the adventure and rather than watching it on the large cinema hall screen.

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Features of Temple Run Game

  • The game has high quality full of high graphics gameplay that will make sure that you never feel like you are playing a game .Temple run game is very popular amongst the players because of it high quality graphics.
  • There are not many controls that you should know in order to play the game which means that should you don’t need to be a pro in order to play this game. Just swipe your finger on the touch screen of your smartphones and control the movement of your character while collecting gems and coins .
  • The game allows you to buy various bonuses and allows you to customise your character . There are a lot of limited edition characters inspired by real life characters or are based on the festival season . For example you can also play as Santa Claus during the Christmas season or as your favourite movie character. This adds to the personal customisation factor of the game.
  • The game allows you to run through a lot of landscapes and it just never ends . So in short, Temple run game never lets you get bored and guarantees to keep you hooked on.

If you are still not convinced, there is no need to worry. The Temple Run allows you to experience suspense , thrill and adventure like never experienced before. The game has a lot of awesome features but that isn’t sufficient to convince you, I guarantee the next section will definitely convince you.

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What’s more in the Temple Run MOD APK?

The normal version offers nothing extra which doesn’t seem logical in todays scenario . But if you go for the Mod apk available on the internet and which can be downloaded at the same effort as from the Google Play Store , you can get an added advantage of unlimited shopping. With the temple run mod apk, you will not have to ever think again about shopping because its free. The next section shall talk about the requirements for downloading the latest version of the temple run mod apk.

Requirements for downloading Temple Run Mod Apk

  • Working android device with the android version of at least 4.0 .
  • The access to the download link which shall provide you the latest Temple Run mod apk .
  • Working internet connection to download mod APK file.

How to download and install Temple Run Mod Apk?

  • To begin with, all you should do is to click on the download link given below and you shall immediately see a warning text as shown below:


Download | Download




The temple run one of the most popular games available on the Google Play Store which lets you experience the thrill and suspense of gaming. The game begins with you running off from a blood thirsty feisty monster. Doing all of this while collecting precious gems and coins which you can later use for making purchases and dodging all those steep turns and obstacles going through a variety of landscapes. This mod apk provides the much needed advantage of unlimited shopping which you can use to outperform other players. So there is no need to worry ever again about the price of any item in the store. The mod apk also works well for those who cannot use the Google Play Store or cannot download the app for any reason. Just trust me and download the latest version of the Temple Run mod apk for an awesome gaming experience. Keep visiting our blog Naijatechnews to get latest MOD apk for your Android phone.

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