Tencent START cloud gaming opens unlimited testing on macOS / Windows platforms

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According to report, contributions Tencent START cloud game has started unlimited testing on macOS / Windows platforms this week .

It is reported that before this, Tencent START cloud game has long adopted the closed test of invitation system, and it has not been made public. During the closed beta, the development team focused on optimizing the access speed and stability of the network environment from all over the country and from various operators.

Now, players can download the client to experience cloud games (macOS / Windows platform) through the Tencent Cloud Games official website , and can also make advance reservations for TV and mobile platform launch notifications.

Naijatechnews.com is informed that Windows platform users need to log in to the QQ account on the official website, receive qualifications (unlimited distribution), and then use the WeGame client-store-search for games-open the game details page-go to the community-start cloud games to experience.

Tencent start cloud gaming opens unlimited testing on macos / windows platforms

At present, the game test lineup supported by Cloud Games is mainly Tencent’s game products, including: “Fortress Night”, “Gun Shen Ji”, “Inverse War”, “QQ Speed”, “QQ Dance”, “League of Legends”, “Cross Fire”, “NBA2K Online 2”, etc.

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