Tesla 2021 Model X will increase its range by nearly 6%: from 351 miles to 371 miles

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News on October 15th, according to foreign media reports, the latest manufacturer’s signs show that electric car manufacturer Tesla will increase the cruising range of the 2021 Model X from 351 miles (about 565 kilometers) to 371 miles (about 565 kilometers). (597 kilometers), an increase of about 6%.

According to foreign media, the 2020 Model X will have a range of 351 miles when fully charged, but the manufacturer’s label obtained by owners of the 2021 Model X shows that the range is 371 miles.

It is not clear how Tesla has increased the mileage of the 2021 Model X. It may be achieved through a combination of hardware and software efficiency.

In about four years, Model X’s range has increased by 76 miles, and Tesla has not made any major changes to this car . On Tesla’s official website, Model X still has a range of 351 miles, and the starting price is still $79,990.

In other words, Tesla has not updated its website to reflect the increased mileage of the 2021 Model X. It may take a few days for the company, because the 2021 Model X has just begun to deliver.

However, this may be a positive sign that Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s prediction is progressing, that is, electric cars will be able to replace gasoline-powered cars and meet most driving needs.

It is reported that Model X and Model S currently use Panasonic’s 18650 battery, which will have a higher energy density, and this may be the reason for the increased range of Model X.

At the end of July this year, Panasonic stated that it plans to increase the energy density of batteries used in electric vehicles in the next five years. It seems that the company may have made progress in this regard.

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