Tesla confirmed: the new 249,900 yuan domestic Model 3 uses lithium iron phosphate batteries

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Yesterday Tesla China announced that the Chinese-made Model 3 standard battery life upgraded version will be priced at 249,900 yuan after subsidies, and the Chinese-made Model 3 long battery life rear-wheel drive version will be priced at 309,000 yuan. Prior to this, the price of the upgraded version of the standard battery life was 291,800 yuan, while the price of the long-range rear-wheel drive version was 344,100 yuan.

It is speculated that the price reduction of the new Model 3 is due to the use of lithium iron phosphate batteries. This speculation has been officially confirmed. Tesla’s official public account issued a note today that the updated Model 3 standard battery life upgrade version has been updated from the original ternary lithium battery to a lithium iron phosphate battery. The energy of the lithium iron phosphate battery is like a larger “fuel tank”, allowing the Model 3 standard battery life The upgraded version has a comprehensive cruising range of 468km under the national standard working condition method.

Tesla also said that both batteries meet Tesla’s manufacturing and endurance standards, and each have their advantages, which can bring an extraordinary driving experience.

Tesla also stated that the Chinese-made Model 3 has been widely recognized and loved since its official delivery from the Shanghai factory. Due to the improvement of the vehicle manufacturing process, Tesla only retains reasonable profits for expanding production, and the excess profits will be converted immediately For the price to benefit consumers, so that more people with environmental protection concepts will work with Tesla to promote the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Naijatechnews learned that Tesla has built more than 440 super charging stations in China so far, covering about 90% of densely populated cities, and will build 4000 super charging stations including V3 in 2020.


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