Tesla launched the super electric model S Plaid: against the Porsche Taycan

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At the Tesla Battery Day event held on Tuesday, local time, CEO Elon Musk announced that the long-rumored Model S Plaid is now accepting orders and delivering to customers at the end of 2021. As Tesla’s most advanced electric car, Model S Plaid will benchmark Porsche Taycan and the recently released Lucid Air: a cruising range of more than 520 miles (approximately 836 kilometers), a top speed of more than 200 miles (320 kilometers) per hour , and 100 kilometers The acceleration time is only 2 seconds, and it only takes 9 seconds to accelerate 400 meters.

Tesla said that Model S Plaid is equipped with three electric motors with more than 1,100 horsepower, but it did not disclose more details. Musk has previously stated that Model S Plaid will set a new lap record at the Nürburgring. Last year, people saw the prototype of Model S Plaid speeding on the track. The aerodynamic performance was enhanced, the wheels and brakes were larger, and the tires and other accessories were modified. Musk also said that the battery capacity of Model S Plaid will exceed 100 kWh, and the third row of seats is expected to return.

Tesla also showcased the Model S Plaid prototype with an improved aerodynamic layout and tested on the Laguna Seca circuit, one of the most iconic circuits in the world. Musk said that the Tesla team tested on the track over the weekend, and the lap time was 1:30.3 seconds, and said they hope to shorten it by a few seconds. This will make the Model S Plaid one of the fastest production cars in the history of Laguna Seca.

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Although the appearance looks the same as the standard Model S, the configuration of the Model S Plaid will be updated later. Musk announced that the Model S Plaid will start at US$141,100, including a delivery fee of US$1,200. Other options include additional paint colors, larger 21-inch wheels, different interior options, and Tesla’s US$8,000 “Full Self-Driving” function package.

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