Tesla Model 3 became Europe’s best-selling electric car, with more than 7,000 deliveries in August

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On September 27, according to foreign media reports, Tesla’s Model 3, which was launched at the end of March 2016 and delivered on July 28 of the following year, has been delivered for more than 3 years and the output has also increased significantly. The country’s electric vehicle market has occupied a dominant position and is the best-selling electric vehicle in these markets.

The latest reports from foreign media show that Tesla Model 3 is also the best-selling electric car not only in the UK, but also in the entire European market.

The report of the research institute shows that in August this year, Tesla Model 3 delivered 7,020 vehicles in the European market, making it the highest-selling electric vehicle model in the European market.

Before Model 3, the best-selling electric car in the European market was Renault Zoe, and they were the highest-selling electric car in the European market for several consecutive months. The report of the research institute shows that Renault Zoe sold 6,183 vehicles in Europe in August this year, which is more than 800 vehicles lower than Model3.

With the further increase in production, Tesla will have more Model 3s that can be sold to the European market. By then, the delivery volume in the European market is expected to be higher, and the leading advantage will be more obvious.

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