Tesla releases electrodeless battery: production capacity will be increased to 10 TWh

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In the early hours of this morning, at Tesla’s Battery Day event, the company announced a number of innovations in battery technology. Its CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla will achieve its goals. And all of this starts with the new structure of the battery itself.

If Tesla wants to achieve the previously set goal of producing 10 to 20 terawatt-hour batteries per year, they will need to advance battery technology and its production speed.

At today’s event, Tesla released a new battery design. The electric car manufacturer said that the new battery is 80 mm in length, and its energy is 5 times higher than previous batteries, and the power is increased. six times, after using a new battery, electric vehicles can improve mileage by 16% .

Tesla’s senior vice president of powertrain and energy engineering, Drew Baglino, said: “We will begin to step up the production of this battery in a 10 gigawatt production facility.”

However, it needs to be pointed out that this new battery cell production system is currently not working properly. Musk revealed that at the pilot plant level, the system is only “close to normal operation.”

A traditional battery consists of three parts, which are the positive electrode, the negative electrode and the separator. In addition to this basic structure, there are some pieces in the battery that can transfer the battery’s energy to the outside. Lithium ions flow from the positive electrode to the negative electrode through the separator, allowing the battery to complete the charge and discharge process. For decades, the working principle of the battery has been the same, and the changes are mainly in material science and the size of the battery.

Baglino said that the change in battery size is to increase power and energy density, but it has brought about battery heat dissipation problems. He said: “This is the challenge our team found and tried to overcome. We thought of this non-electrode structure, which eliminates the problem of heat generation in the battery work project, allowing us to use the lowest cost form factor and the simplest Production process to make batteries.”

Baglino said this design means a simpler manufacturing process, fewer parts, and shorter distances for electrons to move. He said: “For cylindrical batteries, the non-electrode design can greatly simplify winding and coating, and has obvious heat dissipation and performance advantages.” Musk also agreed with this statement. He said at this event: ” In the past, extreme ears were indeed a headache.”

Musk said that by shortening the moving distance of electrons, the heating phenomenon of the battery is significantly reduced. He explained that although the new battery is larger, the power-to-weight ratio is better than a small battery with tabs.

Musk said: “This is difficult to do. No one has done this before. So… Tesla’s engineering department has made great efforts for this, and successfully made the electrodeless battery and made it truly Play a role.

This is the first step that Tesla has taken to increase its storage capacity and bring the world closer to renewable energy. The company will make more efforts to this end in the future.

Baglino said: “We have gone through a lot of tests, but we are very happy to get such results.”


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