Tesla shipped 3 Model Y test vehicles to South Korea

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On August 27, according to foreign media reports, after Model 3 dominates the Korean electric car market, electric car manufacturer Tesla is preparing to introduce its cross-border sports multi-purpose electric car Model Y to the Korean market.

Tesla is already preparing to introduce Model Y to the South Korean market, which originated from reports that Tesla shipped several Model Y test vehicles to South Korea.

Foreign media quoted a report published on social media by a company that has tracked Tesla’s delivery all the year round, saying that three Model Ys, marked as test vehicles, are driving on the road to Busan . Busan is the second most populous city in South Korea. Busan is considered to be the economic, cultural and educational center of southeastern South Korea and has the largest port in South Korea.

Tesla has not disclosed the purpose of shipping the three Model Y test vehicles to South Korea, but foreign media said in the report that this time the Model Y marked as a test will be shipped to South Korea. It is likely not to be used for display. It is likely to be related Prepare for the supervision of

Model Y is a cross-border sports and multi-purpose electric vehicle launched by Tesla in March last year. There are 4 models, the dual-motor all-wheel drive long-life version and the Performance high-performance version. Delivery has begun in the North American market in the first quarter of this year.

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