Tesla Vice President: Tesla Model Y will start localized production in China in the first quarter of next year

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Tesla Vice President Tao Lin revealed in an interview at the Shanghai Pudong Auto Show today that Tesla is accelerating localization.

Regarding the concern about whether Tesla will continue to optimize costs and reduce prices, Tao Lin said that Tesla has now produced all Model 3 models in China, and the localization time of Model Y is the first quarter of next year .

She also revealed, “We are also recruiting a large number of R&D, design, software and hardware personnel in China. On the one hand, we must be closer to the consumer needs of the Chinese people, and on the other hand, we must make good use of domestic R&D and design capabilities to make R&D more suitable for China. Product features.”

According to officials, Tesla is currently building a super factory, 17 experience centers and exhibition halls, 7 service centers in Shanghai, and has 40+ super charging stations and 40+ destination charging stations. In addition, the first in Asia The V3 super charging station will also be the first to be built in Shanghai.

Naija Tech News has learned that Tesla currently sells Model 3, Model Y, Model S, Model X, and CYBERTRUCK pickup trucks in China, but all of them are imported from the United States except Model 3.

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