Tesla will expand more than 200 V3 super charging piles in Los Angeles

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According to reports, Tesla will add more than 200 V3 charging stations in Los Angeles.

Tesla announced a substantial expansion of its supercharger network in the Los Angeles area, and plans to install more than 200 new V3 superchargers here.

In the past few years, Tesla has repeatedly promised to substantially expand its supercharger network, but they have not fulfilled it. The delay of this plan was partly due to the deployment of the new V3 super charging pile. The technology itself was delayed several times and was finally released last year.

At the end of last year, Tesla installed 15,000 superchargers in 1,716 locations around the world. There are currently 17,467 charging posts installed in 1971 locations. Based on this calculation, an average of 1 charging pile will be added every day this year.

The company just recently posted a poster at a super charging station in Los Angeles, which read: “Los Angeles will usher in more than 200 V3 charging stations in 2021.”

Los Angeles is one of Tesla’s most important markets. The addition of more than 200 V3 charging piles will more than double the capacity of the charging pile network in this area.

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