Tesla’s system was down globally: Model 3 owners were trapped in the desert for two hours for help

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Electrek reported that on Wednesday morning EST (Wednesday 23:00 Beijing time), Tesla suffered a complete network interruption, and the company’s internal system was down, which caused the company staff to be unable to handle the delivery. And orders.

In terms of car owners, starting from 11 a.m. EST on Wednesday, Tesla owners cannot connect to the car through the App . However, some car owners can still connect via Bluetooth, allowing car owners to unlock and start.

In addition, it is reported that users cannot monitor the operating status of Tesla’s solar product systems. According to the report, Tesla’s network disruption appears to be global, with car owners all over the world reporting the same situation.

The Daily Mail stated that most of the car owners who suffered network disruptions came from cities in the United States, including San Francisco, Boston, New York, and Chicago. Car owners in some European countries (including the United Kingdom, Germany, and Russia) also reported similar problems.

Naija Tech News learned that some netizens asked for help on Twitter, saying that they were in a desert supercharger but were locked out of a Model 3 car. The Tesla App could not be connected to the car, and the emergency road rescue number had been dialed. Hours.

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The reason for this problem is that Tesla cars are beginning to abandon the traditional keys, and the Tesla mobile app is becoming an increasingly important part of its ecosystem. Therefore, when the service is interrupted, this may become a problem for all Tesla owners. Major problems. For Tesla Model 3 owners, this App is their car key.

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