Tests For iPhone 12 Pro Max Published As The Best For Apple

Recently, DxOMark specialists has released a detailed test report of the main camera of the iPhone 12 Pro; the smartphone managed fourth place in the ranking, gaining the same number of points as the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro had before – 128. And now a detailed camera test of the iPhone 12 Pro Max has been published.

The model does not have the same wide-angle camera sensor, optical zoom capabilities and optical stabilization as its younger brother. And all these improvements paid off: the iPhone 12 Pro Max earned a total of 130 points and displaced the iPhone 12 Pro from the fourth place. The bad news is that even the most expensive and modern iPhone is still unable to compete with Huawei and Xiaomi flagships. And this despite the fact that the Huawei P40 Pro, located on the third line of the rating, will soon hit six months (not from the moment of the announcement, but from the moment of the start of sales). And Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is not a novelty at all, unlike the new Mate 40 Pro, which takes the first place.

DxOMark Tests For iPhone 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 12 Pro Max earned 138 points for shooting photos, 68 points for its zoom capabilities, and 113 points for shooting a video. For comparison, the results of the iPhone 12 Pro in the same disciplines: 135, 66 and 112 points.

Tests For iPhone 12 Pro Max Published As The Best For Apple

A detailed DxOMark report can be found at the link in the source, we will only talk about the pros and cons of the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera. The first includes fast and accurate autofocus, correct exposure, high detail in good lighting, wide dynamic range in video, effective stabilization system when shooting video. There are also disadvantages: limited dynamic range when taking photos, noise in photos, especially in low light conditions, unnatural colors when shooting with HDR, various artifacts when taking photos, exposure instability when shooting video, artifacts in video.

Tests For iPhone 12 Pro Max Published As The Best For Apple

In general, based on this description, the iPhone 12 Pro Max does not seem to be the best camera phone. However, DxOMark notes that the device has become better than its predecessor in all respects. Apparently, that is why in the title of the review it was called “big and beautiful”. The camera sensor is bigger, the pictures are more beautiful. But there is still something to strive for.


  • Fast and accurate autofocus
  • Accurate exposure
  • Pleasant warm white balance indoors and in low light
  • High detail in good light
  • Wide dynamic range in videos
  • Pleasant color rendering and skin tones in most videos
  • Noise is generally well controlled in videos.
  • Video stabilization is effective.


  • Dynamic range is average.
  • Noise is often visible in stills, especially in lower light.
  • Color can look unnatural in HDR scenes.
  • Color quantization, ghosting, hue shift and ringing artifacts in photos
  • Exposure instabilities in videos
  • White balance casts in low-light videos
  • Flare and color quantization artifacts in videos
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