The 12 best Minecraft seeds


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Our list of the best Minecraft seeds includes loads of freshly found seeds in some great areas, to kickstart your next Minecraft world. We have seeds for all versions of the game, including PE (Pocket Edition), PC, Java, Bedrock, and Xbox One!

Minecraft seeds are a great way to start your adventure in an exciting area. With the casual nature of landscape creation in the game, it’s good to have at least a guarantee of what you’re getting into.

Table of contents:

What is a Minecraft seed?

A seed is a randomly generated number that represents a specific world that was created when starting a new Minecraft game. This suit can be used by other players to play in the exact world you are playing in!

The 12 best Minecraft seeds

Using Minecraft seeds is relatively simple and the process is basically the same in all versions of the game. When creating a new world, look for the “Other world options…” area or, in some cases, you will find an empty text box where you can paste the seed code.

Minecraft How To Use Seeds

Once you’ve found this box, paste in the particular seed you want to upload and voila! The hardest part is that some suits don’t work for some versions of the game.

For example, all positive seeds (numbers without a – at the beginning of them) are usable by Bedrock to Java. Also, if you have a negative Bedrock seed, you need to add 4294967296 to work in the Java version (more info here).

Finally, negative Minecraft Java seeds will NOT work on Bedrock at all. There will be irregularities between Bedrock and Java seeds, which may include neutral temperature differences and ocean biomes.

If you have an updated version of Minecraft on your mobile device or console (Nintendo Switch and Xbox One), all Bedrock codes should work! PlayStation 4 is currently the main anomaly (aside from Java), so you’ll need PlayStation-specific codes.

List of Minecraft seeds

Here is a list of some great seeds for Minecraft that will give you a fun starting point for your next world! I have listed the version of Minecraft that they will work with.

Bedrock works with Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and mobile versions! We will list some coordinates to control some key areas in some of the biomes. You can enable the coordinates when you create a world (Bedrock), or I go to the place or I use the command/teleport!

Here is a list of the best Minecraft seeds:

  • Village island
  • Amazing mountain village
  • Tons of stuff near Spawn
  • Diamonds in Spawn + Gran Barranco
  • Fire and ice
  • Frozen drinks and frozen islands
  • Various biomes
  • All neighboring biomes
  • Bamboo forest and sacking post near the spawning
  • Location of Large Reef & Mesa
  • Tons of biomes closing together
  • Many biomes: shipwreck on the surface

NEW: Village Island (Java)

Minecraft Best Seeds Village Island
Minecraft Best Seeds Village Island

Credit: Ph3nomen0N – Seme: -772124751310384583

This is a truly impressive seed because it literally spawns on a large island with a huge village attached to it! You can build a couple of new Minecraft houses that fit the neighborhood! If you are not enjoying island life, you can go to the desert not far away and find a deserted city and temple.

This is also not a normal city, in the center there is a cave that you can explore and find an underground spawner. Not far from here, you will also find a forest with another very large city.

Feature map

Here is a large map showing some of the nearby places you can visit (click to enlarge)! Do you find it useful? Let me know in the comments and I’ll do more for the other seeds!

Key locations (rock base coordinates)

  • Desert Temple: X: -307, Y: 783, Z: 554
  • Desert Village w / Dungeon Spawner: X -650, Y: 64, Z: 570
  • Forest Village: X: -740, Y: 70, Z: 212

Amazing Mountain Village (Bedrock)

Amazing Mountain Village
Amazing Mountain Village

Credit: Fredrick_Zelder – Seme: -1400738501

If you are looking for a great mountain town to start your next Minecraft world, this is one of the best to try! It is one of the most unique village arrangements I have ever seen, with many buildings on top of a mountain. And not only that, there is another city nearby that has a fortress buried far below! If you like diversity in your biomes, you start near a large swamp and if you explore near the city of Stronghold you will find an Ice Spikes biome.

Key locations (rock base coordinates)

  • Mountain village: X: 943, Y: 78, Z: -1104
  • Taiga City: X: 165, Y: 66, Z: 585
  • Pueblo with stronghold below: X: 990, Y: 68, Z: -825
    • Strength: X: 948, Y: 24, Z: -825
  • Ice Peak Biome: X: 1448, Y: 92, Z: -908

Tons of stuff near spawning (bedrock)

Credit: Dodriofan480 – Seme: 1961838222

This seed features many different things in the spawn area that you can research. If you want to start a monster xp grinder, there is a spawner right next to spawn! Just go to the forest area and you will see an open area heading towards a cave. You go down the natural path of the cave and you have to go directly into it. There’s another spawner next to this one, so it won’t hurt to find places to breed monsters.

There are even more ravines nearby that almost all of them have diamonds exposed! These should be a lot of fun to explore and will get you off to a good start. There is a desert pyramid near a couple of these ravines, and further afield is a good-sized desert village. You’ll also find a great Savannah Village, if that’s more than what you’re looking to use!

  • Entrance to the Monster Spawning Cave: X: 414, Y: 60, Z: -25
    • Monster Generator: X: 390, Y: 44, Z: -16
  • Entrance to the second monster spawn cave: X: 615, Y: 64, Z: 25
    • Second generation monster: X: 615, Y: 39, Z: 14
  • Deserted city: X: 535, Y: 66, Z: 522
  • Desert Pyramid: X: 251, Y: 67, Z: 878
  • Barranco c / Diamante exposed: X: 690, Y: 14, Z: -87
  • Looting station: X: 668, Y: 68, Z: 205
  • Desert Pyramid: X: 379, Y: 71, Z: -354
  • Small diamond ravine nearby: X: 297, Y: 11, Z: -441
  • The largest canyon with exposed diamond (multiple points): X: 426, Y: 12, Z: -371
  • Savannah Town: X: 185, Y: 69, Z: 962


Diamonds in Spawn + huge ravine (Bedrock)

Credit: TheBigButtlol – Seme: -974562123

If you want to start with enough diamonds to craft some important items then this is great. There is a huge ravine near the spawn that has two diamond spawn points that will prepare you very well for the rest of the game! But be careful, these spots are at the bottom of the ravine and you don’t want them to fall off the edge. You also have a city nearby, so there are a lot of good things about this suit.

Key locations (rock base coordinates)

  • Diamonds at the Bottom of the Ravine # 1: X: 271, Y: 13, Z: 12
  • Diamonds at the bottom of the ravine # 2: X: 308, Y: 13, Z: -16
  • City: X: 36, Z: -265
  • Great Desert People: X: 973, Y: -657

Fire and Ice (Java only)

Minecraft Fire And Ice
Minecraft Fire And Ice

Credit: SlateBrick – Seed: -6183068961479409378

These Minecraft seeds are very interesting because they start in the middle of two very different biomes. You have the cold ocean biome which offers many frozen areas to explore, and on the other side is the badlands biome which is super cool and interesting. Merge these two together and you will have the seed of fire and ice! If you’re looking to increase the beauty of this seed, check out some Minecraft shaders?

Key positions (Java coordinates)

  • Underwater ruins with drowned persons: X: -443, Z: -197

Icebergs and Frozen Islands (Java only)

Seed: -7865816549737130316

This is a great seed if you want beautiful landscapes surrounded by icebergs. This is going to be a little hard to get started, so if you’re looking for a challenge, you’ll love this frozen area with so much to explore!

Various biomes (Bedrock and Java)

Image Credit: TelepathicGrunt – Seed: 577830886

This is a wonderfully diverse seed that has a lot of different biomes all around! There are more cities, some badlands, mushroom forests, deserts, and a frozen area to explore. You can also find an area where diamonds spawn not far from where you start.

For more details, check out TelepathicGrunt’s guide on where there are tons of cool places around the map with coordinates!

All neighboring biomes (All platforms)

Image Credit: SnoverMC – Seed: 306959825

This is great to use because there is a huge variety of biomes around you! This makes the game extremely diverse and you can find anything you want just by traveling around the map. There is even a large mine pit right below your spawn.

Here is a look at the big boat, the city and the area of ​​the ruins that can be found!

Key positions (Java coordinates)

  • Town, Well, Desert Pyramid, Ship, Underwater Ruins: X: -2746, Z: 1393
  • Great Reef: X: -1924, Z: 1493
  • Mesa / Swamp Mineshaft: X: 1555, Z: -355

Bamboo forest and sacking post near spawning (Java)

Seed: -1840965877845656856

If you are looking for a huge bamboo forest with some beautiful big trees then this is the seed for you. To make things even more exciting, there is a looting post nearby, so be sure to get started immediately if you don’t want to be shipped quickly.

Location of Large Reef & Mesa (Java)

Seed: -8809400317592721666

If you are looking for a beautiful reef to explore, this seed will be perfect for you. There is a huge coral reef right next to your spawn, and you are also close to a wonderful Mesa biome that has some beautiful islands layered in distinctive earth tones.

Key positions (Java coordinates)

  • Wreck of sunken ship: X: 279, Z: 96
  • City of the Blacksmith: X: 1076, Z: 504

Tons of nearby Biomes (Bedrock)

Seed: 266794693

If you want a bunch of different biomes together then you might want to check out this seed. You have frozen islands, jungle, desert and swamp very close to each other. There is a deserted town near the spawning, as well as a jungle temple to explore. You can also go deeper into the desert and find another city that has a blacksmith.

Key locations (rock base coordinates)

  • Deserted city: X: 31, Z: 84
  • Second village with blacksmith: X: -322, Z: -362
  • Jungle Temple: X: 360, Z: -218

Many Biomes: Surface Shipwreck, Coral, Desert Village / Temple (Bedrock)

Seed: 343145341

This seed has a lot to offer in terms of biomes, including coral, desert, ocean, and taiga. In addition, it has some other great features like a large shipwreck which is on the surface that can be explored. It also has a nearby desert town and temple, as well as a couple of different looting stands.

Key locations (rock base coordinates)

  • Shipwreck: X: 2927, Z: 207
  • Ocean Ruins: X: 3299, Z: -111
  • Coral Biome: X: 3147, Z: 49
  • Town: X: 4033, Z: 123
  • Desert Plunder Outpost: X: 3129, Z: 376
  • Snow looting outpost: X: 4009, Z: 603
  • Igloo Ice Village: X: 4159, Z: 900
  • Desert Village with Blacksmith: X: 3586, Z: -389
  • Desert Temple: X: 3224, Z: -295
  • Huge ravine full of lava: X: 3570, Z: -445

That’s it for now, let me know in the comments what else you would like to see in this post! Other key and coordinated positions? Other variations of Minecraft seeds? What kind of seeds?

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