The actual SSD available for Sony PS5 may only be 664GB

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With the upcoming launch of the Sony PS5, potential buyers have recently received a lot of new information. Today, an exposed picture may indicate that the actual available storage space of the PS5 is 664GB.

Sony officially shared that the size of the PS5 SSD is 825GB. Due to the way computers work (that is, binary), 1GB is actually equal to 1,073,741,824 bytes, not 1,000,000,000 bytes; this alone can convert 825GB of numbers to 768GB. Coupled with the addition of 104GB of reserved space for the PlayStation 5 operating system, we will get 664GB of actual available storage space .

For comparison, Xbox Series X has a completely similar configuration, which claims 1TB of standard storage space. The latest discovery, the host storage space is 930GB, of which 128GB is used for the Series X operating system. Therefore, the actual available storage space totals 802GB, which is 138GB more than the available storage space of the PS5.

The main reason for this difference may be that Sony equipped the PlayStation 5 with a faster and more expensive custom SSD with a 12-channel interface, which can achieve 5.5GB/s I/O throughput without compressing data the amount.

Microsoft chose the slower NVMe SSD, which can achieve 2.4GB/s I/O throughput through uncompressed data. This allows them to provide larger SSDs.



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