The Best NFL Football Games For Your Android Phones?

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Baseball is the USA’s past time, but Football still reigns supreme. The Super Bowl is a very popular sport in the nation. Fans of the event are everywhere around the country. But sadly, mobile football games are not that great. You will come across a few good ones but a lot of the popular games in this segment will cost you nothing to play with aggressive in-app purchase strategies. Truthfully, The best gaming experience can only be derived on console. However, for those that still fancy using it on Android, check out our list of 10 Best NFL football Games For Your Android Phone:

1. Big Win Football

This app is a football sim. You will play as the general manager and you will be able to assemble a decent team on the field. Players get to battle other players in their fight for dominance. It is basically an online competitive experience but the central premise is rampant. Gamers can collect players with different kinds of abilities and skills. The rule is, if you have decent players, then you will have a decent team. It comes with boost cards that will give you the upper hand. You will surely be entertained.

2. CBS Franchise Football

This is an NFL simulator for CBS. Meaning, it is basically a freemium cash grab and it comes with some redeeming qualities. It is enticing, entertaining and immersing. CBS Franchise Football possesses several real NFL players, the teams and basic hands-off mechanics. It is a brilliant way to pass the time.

3. ESPN Fantasy Sports

The Best NFL Football Games For Your Android Phones?Still on the topic of NfL football games for Android, ESPN fantasy sports is yet another NFL game you should consider. This is a great game that functions fine on mobile. It is actually one of the most popular games on the net.

This app allows you to reach out to other managers, trade, decide on your lineups, browse free agency and so on. It allows you to create leagues, join leagues, and draft your teams. Expect bug issues once in a while but its nothing too complicated.

4. Fanatical Football

This is an unofficial football game with decent football mechanics. You get to play as fictional teams, run plays, score touchdowns e.t.c. However, the mechanics could be better and the graphics can be improved on. Expect bug problems. But it is still one of the quality football games on the Google Play Store. The game comes with 2 play modes, player upgrades, power-ups e.t.c.

5. Football Dash

The Best NFL Football Games For Your Android Phones?This is a brilliant arcade-style football game. You are tasked to simply plow your way through several defenders to score touchdowns.

The game possesses basic, one-handed mechanics along with power-ups, Google Play Games leaderboards and so on. The arcade-style is beautiful for brief play sessions. It is amazing for commercial breaks during a game.

6. Madden Overdrive Football

This is the official NFL game on mobile. Meaning it possesses a shameless cash grab game with a freemium price tag made by EA Sports. This game is home to proper football mechanics. You get to line up, call plays, make passes, run around and do the normal stuff. It comes with weekend tournaments and leaderboards as well.

7. NFL Rush Gameday

The Best NFL Football Games For Your Android Phones?This game is quite unique. It is a children game with 6 arcade mini-games. Children can play them, unlock several digital gears from their preferred teams, create and personalize their personal avatars. The game even changes every week with real NFL team statistics. It is free and was developed for the young ones.

8. Ted Ginn: Kick Return Football

Shockingly, this is a decent mobile football game. Your aim is to return kicks for touchdowns. You get to instruct the player with easy one-handed controls.

The game comes with player upgrades, tournaments plus you receive points for getting within field goal range. So you now know it is not a pass or fail stuff. Freemium elements are present too.

9. Touchdown Manager

This is a proper football sim even if it is not officially licensed. Meaning, every player and team is fictional. The game lets you construct teams, train players with a smooth training system, come up with strategies and win championships. Setting your own training regimens is a wise thing to do. However, auto training is not so nice to use.

10. Yahoo Fantasy Football

When it comes to ESPN’s biggest competition in the fantasy sports industry, it has to be Yahoo. The Yahoo application possesses several features you will find in the ESPN app. Meaning, you will be able to create and join leagues, conduct drafts, set your rosters, browse free agency, make trades, and reach out to other managers. Always make sure you check your rosters on a PC from time to time for the sake of accuracy. It is free.


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