The divorce of Bill Gates is not a friendly breakup. Almost all his family members stand by Melinda

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates issued a statement announcing their decision to end their 27-year marriage. The statement stated that after the divorce, the two will continue to work together for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

An entertainment news website under AOL announced on the 6th that “TMZ” announced more details. It was reported that Gates’ divorce with his wife Melinda was not a friendly breakup. They decided to divorce a few months ago. Announce divorce news.

The Divorce Of Bill Gates Is Not A Friendly Breakup. Almost All His Family Members Stand By Melinda

According to the report, Melinda rented a small island at a price of 132,000 US dollars per night to avoid media inquiries. The children have arrived, but Gates was not invited to the island.

According to the report, the family has long known the news that the two are going to divorce, and almost all family members are on Melinda’s side. They are very angry with Gates, which is why he was not invited to the island. NaijaTechNews learned that “TMZ” also summarized two key points: First, Gates’s divorce with his wife Melinda was not a friendly breakup. Melinda and most of the family members are angry at the various things Gates has done.

According to reports, this divorce has been brewing for a long time. In the end they seem to have reached a property settlement, and the lawyers have been working on this for months.

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