The new Mac is about to be released, and it is suspected that Apple’s A14X bionic benchmark test results have been leaked, clocked at 3.10GHz

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According to a foreign media AppleInsider report today, the Apple A14X Bionic chip seems to have performed a Geekbench 5 benchmark test before the Apple Silicon Mac conference, and the results of this test performed relatively well.

▲ Picture source AppleInsider

The “A14X Bionic” CPU benchmark test shows that this is an 8-core processor with a clocked frequency of 1.80GHz, which can be upgraded to 3.10GHz, which marks the birth of the first Apple SoC with a clocked frequency of over 3GHz. In addition, GPU test results show that the chip uses 8GB of video memory, and its performance is significantly higher than the existing A14.

The “A14X Bionic” single-core benchmark score is 1634, while Apple’s current A12Z chip score is 1118, and the A14 Bionic single-core test score is 1583. According to previous practices, found that there will not be much difference in single-core performance tests between conventional A-series chips and enhanced chips of the “X” model.

The “A14X Bionic” multi-core benchmark score is 7220, while the A12Z has a score of 4657 and the A14 has a multi-core score of 4198. This means that the performance of “A14X” in various environments tested by GeekBench has been significantly improved.

In contrast, the 16-inch MacBook Pro equipped with the Intel Core-i9 processor scored 1096 single-core and 6869 multi-core in similar tests. This means that this so-called “A14X” performance is expected to exceed the existing MacBook Pro series.

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