The Samsung Galaxy S21 Wallpapers

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Wallpapers

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The Samsung Galaxy S21 series is not yet official but almost everything about the phones are out. However, the series will be announced in mid-January. Ahead of the launch, all three devices in the series have leaked extensively revealing almost everything about them, including price. Now, even their wallpapers are available for everyone to download.

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Almost all OEMs introduce a new set of wallpapers with the release of their popular smartphones, especially flagships. Samsung is also no different in this regard. The South Korean tech giant is even known for releasing new variants of its ‘Over the Horizon’ ringtone every year.

Normally, these wallpapers are soon extracted by modders after the release of the phone’s firmware after its official announcement. Sometimes, they even make it to the internet before the release of the actual phones. The latter has happened in the case of the Galaxy S21 series.

The official wallpapers of the Galaxy S21 series were shared by a well-known leakster known as ‘Jimmy is Promo’. The collection includes a total of 22 still and live wallpapers.

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Download Galaxy S21 Series official wallpapers

Out of which, 4 are DeX Mode wallpapers, 12 are normal device wallpapers, and lastly, 5 of them are live wallpapers. You can download the high-res files via this Google Drive link.

Having said that, the Galaxy S21 series will consist of three smartphones and you can learn everything about them by clicking/tapping on their names listed below.


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