The stock of the digital version of Sony PS5 is much lower than that of the optical drive version

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According to foreign media IGN, the inventory of Sony’s PS5 stock version will be much lower than the CD-ROM version. IGN quoted multiple sources to report that the retailer’s inventory of the PS5 digital version only accounts for about 20%. The overall proportion is roughly between 13-33% .

It is reported that GameStop’s scheduled distribution inventory information on 9 websites across the United States shows that in all PS5 inventory, the digital version only accounts for 24%, while the optical drive version accounts for as much as 76%, and the digital version inventory in some places even only accounts for 13%. .

Not only the US market, but the PS5 pre-order initiated by Best Buy in Canada last week included 19,000 optical drive version and 3,000 digital version PS5 consoles, which shows the huge gap in stocking.

Naijatechnews was informed that Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan once said: “At present, the company will not disclose the stocking ratio of the PS5 digital version and the optical drive version to the outside world, but the company will produce the necessary number of digital versions to meet market demand. Sony also We will try our best to predict the market’s demand for different versions.” It is reported that the Sony PS5 digital version Hong Kong version is priced at about 3180 yuan, and the CD-ROM version is about 3980 yuan, which will be released on November 19.


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