The total value of Tesla + SpaceX is more than 500 billion US dollars, Musk: a wild era

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On November 21, according to foreign media reports, as the stock price continues to rise, the current market value of electric car manufacturer Tesla exceeds $460 billion . At the same time, Wall Street believes that the current valuation of SpaceX, a US space exploration technology company, is about $100 billion. Based on this calculation, the total value of the two companies under Elon Musk has exceeded US$500 billion. It is worth noting that both companies are just getting started.

In response to a tweet shared by Box CEO Aaron Levie, Musk himself acknowledged this milestone on Twitter. In a tweet, Levi pointed out that Tesla and SpaceX are now worth more than 500 billion US dollars, proving that they have the potential to “change the earth and space travel at the same time.” Musk’s response seemed very excited, but he only briefly said “Wild Times!”

The recent rebound in Tesla’s stock price seems to be largely driven by its inclusion in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (S&P500), after Tesla announced five consecutive quarters of profit. However, Tesla still faces many challenges. For example, established automakers are rapidly launching competing electric vehicles, and the company is still subject to a lot of criticism from skeptics.

Despite this, Tesla’s plan for this year is well executed, and the company’s goal is still to deliver 500,000 electric vehicles in 2020. Although the new crown pneumonia epidemic is still raging, Tesla seems to be approaching and even likely to achieve this ambitious goal. However, Tesla needs to deliver more than 180,000 cars in the fourth quarter of this year in order to achieve its expected goal. Musk and his team are planning to go all out to produce and deliver cars before the end of the year.

Interestingly, even Musk’s private space company SpaceX has attracted the attention of Wall Street. Last month alone, Morgan Stanley released estimates that SpaceX was valued at more than $100 billion. The US investment bank listed several factors as the basis for its valuation, such as SpaceX’s potential as an Internet provider to launch Starlink services, and its huge advantage in the US launch market.

It is worth noting that both Tesla and SpaceX are far away from their ultimate goals. Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the realization of sustainable development, and SpaceX is committed to transforming humans into multi-stellar species. Although both Tesla and SpaceX have taken important steps towards their respective missions, it is clear that these two companies are only just getting started. Under ideal circumstances, the cooperation between Tesla and SpaceX seems to reach unimaginable heights in the future.

Tesla shares closed at $489.61 per share on Thursday, down 1.93%. In after-hours trading, the stock rebounded slightly, and the current US stock trading price is $489.98. So far this year, Tesla’s stock price has soared nearly 500%.

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